EVS Sports Gets Panorama Ready for Sochi 2014


EVS, the leading provider of live video production systems, has delivered its latest instalment for Panorama’s live production workflow in time for the Sochi 2014 games. The Russian TV production company has undergone a huge technology overhaul in the last two years, with EVS at the heart of its workflow. EVS Sports solutions power its fleet of 12 HD OB vans and its multi-site Media Office. A total of 524 interconnected HD channels give Panorama one of the most advanced live production workflows to date.

Panorama (ANO Sports Broadcasting) began its mission to set up a modern broadcasting complex two years ago. In the first development phase in October 2011, EVS was selected to equip its new fleet of 12 OB units in a multi-million deal. EVS XT3 servers and IPDirector PAM suites power each of the trucks, enabling multi-cam ingest, playlist management and live slow motion and hyper slow motion replays.

The most recent phase saw Panorama deploy EVS technology for the ingest, storage and playout of content at its Media Office. The multi-site production platform speeds up the creation of advanced highlights packages, provides media and metadata access to customers and produces content for the russiasport.ru website.

The production platform is composed of three clusters, Large Mobile Office (LMO), Small Mobile Office (SMO), both of which can be deployed at venues or IBCs anywhere in the world and are used for ingest, editing and playout. The third part, Moscow Logging System (MSC), is used for logging and remote editing and always based in Moscow. The Media Office is equipped with IPWeb, which means anyone connected to the web can browse content stored on the LMO’s nearline storage. By enabling remote browsing, it’s possible for teams to search for media from a distance, making the workflow even more efficient.


“By putting EVS technology at the core of Panorama’s state-of-the-art facilities means we’ve given them a fully integrated live production workflow which will raise the standards in the Russian broadcast industry,” said Luc Doneux, evp EVS Sports. “This was a project on a massive scale, so having that connectivity between facilities gives the Panorama team easy and reliable access to media content.”

A significant portion of Panorama’s wide range of EVS Sports solutions have already been installed during The XXVII World Summer University Games in Kazan. The 56 XT3 live production servers for the OB fleet and a network of 19 XS studio production servers in the Media Office support over 500 HD channels that easily interconnect, creating a single giant network.
“Panorama has acquired the media rights for several high-profile sporting events, including the Sochi 2014 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. Therefore, they needed a zero-fail workflow that can cope with even in the toughest of climates, where its speed and reliability never faltered; which is exactly what we can give them,” Doneux continued.


HD OB fleet

Three 24-camera OB vans equipped with:
·    Seven eight-channel XT3 servers for multi-camera ingest and control of clips and playlist management as well as live slow motion and hyper slow motion replays
·    IPDirector production asset management suite for scheduling incoming feeds, live logging, browsing and file transfer
·    IPEdit, the timeline editing module of IPDirector, for live editing
Four 16-camera OB vans equipped with:
·    Five eight-channel XT3 servers
·    IPDirector PAM, including IPEdit

Five 10-camera OB vans equipped with:
·    Three eight-channel XT3 servers


Panorama’s Media Office
·    Fifteen XS studio production servers – allowing the system to record up to 60 feeds simultaneously – and an additional four XS servers for playout

·    XStoreSAN storage – for hi-res content either in nearline storage for archiving or high performance online storage for direct media ingest

·    IPDirector production asset management suite – for playout and integration with Octopus’ newsroom system, where users can browse content of the database thanks to the MOS ActiveX plugin, attach it to stories and create placeholders as well as receiving playout statuses back from IPDirector


·    IPBrowse application, which allows journalists and assistant producers to swiftly search for relevant material on the nearline storage from their desktop

·    IPWeb application, which enables anyone that is connected to the Web to browse content and associated metadata stored on the nearline storage

·    Xedio CleanEdit for on-the-fly non-linear editing of video footage to produce storyboards

·    IPLink plug-in importer for the Final Cut Pro edit suites, which gives editors instant access and search capabilities to all media and metadata within the IPDirector PAM suites

All editing applications have direct access to streams coming from XS servers so editing can begin as soon as the ingest starts.


EVS provides its customers with reliable and innovative technology to enable the production of live, enriched video programming, allowing them to work more efficiently and boost their revenue streams. Its industry-leading broadcast and media production systems are used by broadcasters, production companies, post-production facilities, film studios, content owners and archive libraries around the globe. It spans four key markets – Sports, Entertainment, News and Media.

Founded in 1994, its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionised live broadcasting. Its reliable and integrated tapeless solutions, based around its market-leading XT server range, are now widely used to deliver live productions worldwide. Today, it continues to develop practical innovations, such as its C-Cast second-screen delivery platform, to help customers maximise the value of their media content.