Elemental to Power Live Video Streaming for the MLU


Major League Ultimate is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Elemental Technologies to provide the key video encoding technology behind the MLU Live game streams for the 2013 season. Elemental offers industry-leading solutions for multiscreen video delivery, and the integration of its product into the MLU game production will assure that fans can watch high quality Ultimate anywhere in the world.

“Elemental is thrilled to be powering the encoding for Major League Ultimate,” said Keith Wymbs, VP of Marketing for Elemental Technologies. “Bringing sport to viewers everywhere through high quality video streaming to any device is key to expanding the MLU brand.”

The MLU will be live streaming games every week and making those games available to fans at no cost. Elemental is a significant part of making that service possible.

MLU Live

“We believe that the key to growing our sport lies in our ability to share it,” says Nic Darling, VP of Major League Ultimate. “This partnership with Elemental vastly improves our ability to give fans and soon-to-be fans access to our games.”
Elemental is already familiar with the game of Ultimate and sees the opportunity to prove the value of its solution in a growing sport.


“Elemental has been involved with streaming Ultimate for over a year now and is excited about the direction in which the sport is headed,” says Wymbs. “A couple of years ago, who would have thought there would be the opportunity today to watch live Ultimate games online complete with multiple camera angles, commentators and instant replays? There are a lot of bright minds taking coverage of the sport to new levels and Elemental is thrilled to be a part of its expanding reach.

The increased investment in production being made by the MLU demands a high quality delivery system. “We are committing a lot of resources to our live game production,” says Matt Gray, Production Manager for the MLU, “But, in the end, our execution on-site is only as good as the viewer’s experience. I’m glad we have a partner like Elemental who can help us assure that our fans actually get the product we are working so hard to create for them.”

As part of the partnership, the Elemental logo will be featured on the teams’ home and away kits and the company will be integrated into the Stags’ marketing efforts.


“Though Elemental is a global company, Portland is home to our headquarters,” says Wymbs. “It is exciting to have the opportunity to grace the front of the Portland Stags’ inaugural jerseys and represent the city’s vibrant tech community through our support of the team.