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Electro-Voice XLD Systems for Snowboarding- Contests in Vancouver

Snowboarding Contest at Cypress Mountain

• Sound reinforcement was more important for snowboarding than for any other event at the winter sports competitions in Vancouver.
• Rocky Mountain Production Services relied upon Electro-Voice XLD systems and Tour Grade amps to deliver a suitably dynamic production.

The sound reinforcement systems were a truly challenge.

The recent winter sports competitions in Vancouver, Canada were a tremendous success in every respect. They offered exciting competition, excellent performances, plenty of sportsmanship and great entertainment. The more extreme disciplines, such as snowboarding and freestyle skiing, with their combination of daredevil jumps, breakneck descents and dynamic musical accompaniment, proved particular favourites with spectators. For this reason, the sound reinforcement systems for these events were a truly challenge.

Rocky Mountain Production Services was responsible for the sound production

Based in West Vancouver, Rocky Mountain Production Services was responsible for the sound production at the snowboarding competitions. The team led by Production Manager Hanna Vorlicek relied upon a system built around Electro-Voice XLD compact line array loudspeakers for the remote snowboarding stage at Cypress Mountain outside Vancouver – not simply because of their incredible sound quality but also for their proven robustness in all kinds of outdoor conditions. The XLD’s light weight was also much appreciated while hauling the PA up the mountainside! Rocky Mountain’s Electro-Voice deployment included 12 x XLD281 cabinets underpinned by 6 x Xsubs, all driven by Tour Grade amplifiers (TG5 and TG7). Powered SXA250 and SXA 180 speakers served as front- and side-fills.