deltatre Renews Results and Graphics Agreement with UK Broadcaster


deltatre, provider of the results and graphics for BBC Sport’s football programming since 2006, has today announced an agreement to renew the service contract for an additional three years.

The contract, encompassing all BBC coverage of live football matches and related studio programming, sees deltatre responsible for collating match results data and powering TV graphics.

The service provision has also been extended beyond football to cover a variety of other sporting events including World Cup Rowing, Amateur Boxing, Cross Country Championships and the upcoming 2013 Rugby League World Cup.


deltatre and the BBC have worked together for seven years across a number of global sporting events, including the 2010 South Africa World Cup and the 2012 European Championships.

In 2011, deltatre opened an office in MediaCityUK, Salford.  This close operating proximity has enabled deltatre to support the development and maintenance of state of the art services such as the Augmented Reality (AR) Graphic System used on Match of the Day. Employing virtual AR graphics enriches the viewing experience of audiences, adding a deeper understanding of match analysis and enhances topics discussed by the shows presenters.


Hugo Sharman, Director of deltatre north, said, “We are delighted to continue our graphics provision with the BBC. Our offering has already grown considerably since its inception and we look forward to providing more exciting and compelling content as we go forward.”

About deltatre:
There is a way to make sport events come to life for audiences everywhere. Using innovative technology, creativity and total commitment, the people at deltatre do exactly that. With staff in Turin, London, Manchester, Lausanne, Paris, Munich, New York and Portland, deltatre has over 27 years’ experience at the highest level of international sport. Always striving for the next level of interaction, we consider the future of global sport engagement to be multi-platform and social. Today, the greatest sport events on earth are more immersive, collaborative, and inclusive thanks to our cutting edge technologies. Sport fans become an active part of the event, connecting socially and sharing their passion, wherever they are. By harnessing our experience, technical skills and passion for sport, we help keep our clients one step ahead.