Brazil’s National Soccer Team Debuts New Uniforms

Rio de Janeiro Nike Event with Soundcraft Vi6 Consoles at Front of House 

Soccer (football) is ingrained in Brazil’s spirit. The Brazil national football team (Seleção Brasileira) is the most successful men’s soccer team in the history of the FIFA World Cup with five championships, and Brazil is the only national team to have played in every World Cup.

Everything the team does is passionately followed by Brazilian soccer fans, so when the team debuted their new uniforms with classic yellow and blue styling, it was an occasion for a big party. The launch event was hosted by Nike at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro and featured Brazilian singers Seu Jorge and Naldo and the Escola de Samba Mangueira samba school dancers and musicians, with two HARMAN Soundcraft Vi6 digital consoles providing the live sound mix.

The Soundcraft consoles were provided by Brazil-based Gabisom Audio Equipment, one of the industry’s biggest tour sound companies. “This wasn’t your typical launch party—the Brazil soccer team event was held in a large outdoor space, with a full stage and lighting,” said Eder Moura of Gabisom. “To enable us to mix the show most efficiently, we brought in two Soundcraft Vi6 mixing consoles. We had plenty of room in the front of house tent, so we decided to use two Vi6 consoles at FOH, one just for Seu Jorge and one for Naldo and Escola de Samba Mangueira.”


Both singers have distinctive styles. Seu Jorge’s music is a mixture of MPB—Música Popular Brasileira or Brazilian popular music—samba, rock, soul and other genres, and Naldo is a Brazilian singer, musician and producer who is deeply into reggaeton and rock. “Rather than change console settings between acts, even though this is relatively easy on the Vi6, we decided it would be even easier to just swap out consoles for each artist,” noted Moura.

“We mounted the two identical Soundcraft Vi6 consoles in a ‘V’ configuration, one directly in front of the stage and the other at 90 degrees to the left. Although having a console on the left of you might seem a little unusual, the Vi6’s open, uncluttered layout gave the FOH engineer easy access to all the controls and faders and we knew exactly how the console was set up from previous gigs, so the engineer basically just had to adjust some faders and bring a few effects in and out here and there rather than hover over the board frowning in concentration.”


“We were able to easily switch between consoles and it was seamless and effortless,” Moura said. “You can’t get a better-sounding digital console and its built-in effects make the Vi6 perfect for live sound use.”

The new Brazil national soccer team uniforms feature the team’s classic yellow and blue colors and reflect Brazilian soccer’s storied heritage combined with modern touches like recycled material construction.

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