Audi triumphs in Le Mans

...with Broadcast, Video and Audio Technology from CT

The Audi Team triumphed at the 24 Hours Race in Le Mans on June 11-12, 2011 and relied for the 3rd time on its full service media technology partner Creative Technology – with Live Broadcast Technology and Streaming, LED, Video and Audio Technology in five locations around the race track.

At the Audi VIP guest lounges CT realized the live broadcast of the 24 Hours Race and the Race News in HD quality on LED screens and HD LC-displays. For the production of the latest news and numerous background information CT delivered and served the entire broadcast equipment with various HD cameras, vision mixers, HD matrix switchers and multiple linear and non-linear editing suites, among Avid and Final Cut Pro. Furthermore the CT team was responsible for the routing of 70 input signals and 180 output signals and the audio editing; also 3 remote studios at the race court were linked to the production studio via fiber optic systems and satellite.


An exclusive highlight for the Audi guests was the live streaming of the 3 onboard cameras directly to the mobile devices (Blackberry, iPad, iPhone etc.) of the VIP guests, made possible by CT's streaming system broadcasting the audio and video signals live from the 3 Audi R18 TDI race cars.

The video and audio equipment for the VIP Locations comprised high-resolution LED screens, numerous HD LC-displays in various sizes up to 103“, as well as Meyer Sound and d&b audiotechnik audio systems for the VIP areas.


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