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ACS Tethered Blimp flying over Oslo

ACS has an inventory available for rental ranging from remote heads, compact cameras, railcams, wirecams, tracking vehicles

Working with host broadcaster NRK and OB Team, the ACS Tethered Blimp has been flying above the city of Oslo providing aerial coverage of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Fitted with a HD Cineflex V14 stabilised mount the blimp is currently operating in temperatures of around -20°C whilst achieving dramatic shots of the Championships.

Along with the Blimp ACS crews are also providing beauty cameras, mini cameras as well as come and go cameras on the Ski Jump.

About Aerial Camera Systems

Established over thirty years ago, Aerial Camera System (ACS) is the worlds’ leading specialist camera company, providing innovative and expert camera solutions and aerial stabilised camera systems. ACS has a unique inventory available for rental ranging from remote heads and compact cameras, railcams and wirecams to tracking vehicles, underwater systems and tethered airships as well as over 20 helicopter camera systems. With an in-house research and development team the company continues to develop and launch new concepts and products within the field of specialist camera facilities, the latest being its new remote head; SMARThead™.ACS is part of the Euro Media Group, Europe’s largest provider of television and film facilities in Europe.


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