W-DMX™ Adds Magic to Beyoncé Mrs. Carter Show World Tour


Wireless Solution Sweden AB’s award-winning W-DMX™ is currently on tour with Beyoncé for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Pyro, confetti, fire, CO2 and laser effects company Strictly FX is charged with all special effects for the tour and uses the W-DMX BlackBox F-1 along with 2 Booster B-1000 2.45GHz antenna boosters for a particular confetti sequence in the show.

John Lyons of Strictly FX explains, “We have four confetti blowers in a truss over the crowd.  At the end of the song “1 + 1”, Beyoncé flies over the crowd from the main stage to the satellite stage. As she flies, she leaves a trail of gold Mylar confetti behind to give a “pixie dust” look. The confetti canons are controlled wirelessly with the W-DMX BlackBox, making the installation fast, easy and reliable. Due to the location, it just make sense to go with wireless DMX, and 120VAC is supplied for us in the truss.”

He continues, “The W-DMX is working great in the show and the effect is spectacular. Although it’s practical to use cable when it’s easy to run, for this application, it is much easier to use W-DMX. Thank you Wireless Solution for your support.”


“Strictly FX is always on the leading edge of special effects technology,” says Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, “We worked with them on Coldplay’s recent world tour as well and have always enjoyed helping them make these shows fantastic.”

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