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Events from around the world in HD

The sun sinks into the sea, the scent of pine wafts from the nearby hills, the incomparable light of a southern summer evening enchants the city. Many thousands of people are looking forward to a wonderful evening with German TV superstar, Thomas Gottschalk. An evening of exciting wagers and international stars on his famous couch. ZDF’s flagship “Wetten dass” summer special on the island of Majorca has become the mega-event of the season.

The whole of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria tune in. While the cameras capture the atmospheric images from the bullring, MEDIA BROADCAST’s SNG team transmits the pictures and sound in brilliant HD quality. All the communication and Internet links are managed through a 34 MB terrestrial line.

Meanwhile, the show has started. The audience of millions in front of their televisions at home are loving the quick wit of “Thommy”, the grand master of German entertainment. They sit, captivated by the prospect of the first bet in HD quality. Europe’s leading event broadcaster, MEDIA BROADCAST is once again setting the standard and preparing itself for the future. “In principle, we can now provide sound and pictures in HD from events occurring anywhere around the world. What’s more, high definition is standard throughout the process chain, from the mobile camera and recording teams to the satellite transmission and feed into the national networks,” reported Wolfgang Spelten, the man from MEDIA BROADCAST’s Booking and Order Management team who has responsibility for Event Broadcasting. Spelten also explained that there was now a clear trend for such top-quality processes, end-to-end.


This capability means that MEDIA BROADCAST was the obvious candidate for the 2010 FIFA World CupTM. With maximum security and 100% availability, the whole world could enjoy the exciting football matches in HD. And while the MEDIA BROADCAST team in South Africa took care of ensuring the broadcast services were fully operational, their colleagues back home looked after delivering the pictures to the massive public viewing areas in German cities.

Expertise and experience are paramount in this business, so 2010 is clearly a decisive year for MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH – dynamic and fast-moving. Whether covering the German state elections, or the Eurovision Song Contest featuring national darling Lena, whether at the World Cup or at the country’s favourite TV entertainment show, MEDIA BROADCAST’s broadcasting expertise is in demand. “In many cases, we are basically the only provider that is able to cover these events from end to end, due to the resulting complexity. This ranges from mobile recording, through the feed-in of data from various different locations, plus direction and production, to transmission with the required degree of availability and security with appropriate levels of redundancy,” explained those with responsibility for the job in hand. In this respect, MEDIA BROADCAST is well prepared for the challenges ahead, and its teams are looking forward to the next big events. These include the Ski World Cup in Garmisch, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany.


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