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Sony Kicks off Technology and Creativity Showcase at IBC 2010

Join Sony Professional on stand 12.A10 at IBC

“The AV world is going through some of the most radical changes in recent history. At IBC, we’ll demonstrate products and solutions driven by these changes... bringing the most innovative technology to our customers."

Sony Professional has announced that its Creatology Tour, the follow-up to the Power of Image events programme, will commence at IBC 2010. The Tour will open visitors eyes to the creative possibilities available to them using Sony products and solutions.

Creatology at IBC will both inspire, through innovative audiovisual content, and illustrate, through hands on product demonstrations, the power and possibilities Sony technology can offer the creative community. Visitors to the stand will walk through three specific areas that offer different perspectives on Sony products and solutions to develop the theme

The Technology Zone

This area will focus on 3D, High Definition and the latest Media Backbone solutions architecture. Visitors to the technology zone will get the first look at the new ‘hot’ products from Sony, including the PMW-320, the latest professional OLED monitor technology with the PVM-740 and brand new announcements.


The Creativity Space

The heart of the stand will showcase compelling content from Sony customers working in both HD and 3D production environments. Here attendees will get an understanding of how acquisition is being revolutionised in areas like 3D live concerts and sport. Sony will demonstrate its 3D leadership by taking visitors on a journey that shows how 3D in broadcast is changing from ‘a new dimension in TV and movies’ to ‘a new dimension of possibility’.

The Dealer Village

This area is dedicated to hands on demonstration and discussion. Here visitors can receive advice tailored to their individual business needs and requirements. ICE (Independent Certified Experts) will be working alongside Sony’s Specialist Dealers and staff to answer questions on everything from product queries and Masterclasses registration to Prime Support and Financial Services.


Olivier Bovis, Head of AV Media Business, Sony Professional Europe explains: “The AV world is going through some of the most radical changes in recent history with the emergence of 3D and new creative directions. At IBC, we’ll demonstrate how Sony Professional products and solutions are driven by these changes and emerging “look and feel” requirements, by bringing the most innovative technology and expertise to our customers around Europe.“

3D – A Unique Illustration of the Power of Creatology

By bringing a new technology to creative minds, 3D is a natural iteration of the Creatology idea. Sony Professional is a company able to deliver an end-to-end professional 3D live production solutions thus leading the industry and opening up new possibilities. At IBC, Sony Professional will showcase different 3D workflow setups to demonstrate that each and every 3D project needs to have a tailored solution to ensure premium quality 3D acquisition and production.

Bovis concludes: “3D is the latest buzz word in the industry, but delivering quality 3D is far from straightforward. At Sony, we’ve been very lucky to be involved in most of the pioneering 3D live production projects around the world this year. IBC will offer us a great opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise from these projects with visitors to the stand. As users are discovering, 3D changes everything: A single camera with dual lenses does not guarantee quality 3D production that audiences can truly appreciate. People need to rethink the content and the whole workflow to achieve an enjoyable and quality 3D output. Sony, by being deeply embedded in the industry, is enabling this new thinking with a range of specific tools and is helping emerging experts deliver premium 3D.”


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