PR Lighting Stars on Algerian TV Game Show

The Takdar Tarbah TV set, dominated by PR Lighting FX

PR Lighting effects are being used heavily on the latest series of Algerian TV game show Takdar Tarbah (which translates as You Can Win).

NEOSUN ALGERIE, PR Lighting’s Algerian distributors, delivered 38 projectors, including 20 x XS 1200 Spot, 10 x XS 1200 Wash and eight XLED 590 moving LED heads, to meet the set design of Thierry Rollin, who is also responsible for the lighting design of many TV game shows for the TF1 French channel.

Working directly with production company SD-BOX, the biggest independent producer of fiction and TV game programmes, the PR lighting FX were used to create three different ambient colours according to the different stages of the game. Thierry Rollin designed them into his set so that most were suspended from the ceiling grid, with just four XS 1200 spots and four XLED 590’s on the floor.


States NEOSUN ALGERIE’s Salim Derradji, “Our customer SD-BOX chose PR lighting for three reasons: it is the only lighting brand distributed officially in Algeria by NEOSUN, the quality/price ratio is exceptional and we worked with PR Lighting to guarantee a very fast delivery time.

“The production company realises that the XS Series is powerful and strong — perfect for this type of installation — while they like the XLED 590 moving heads due to their very high lumens, using Osram low consumption LED’s, and the long life span of the fixture.”


The 22-programme series is shot in front of a studio audience in Hamadi, close to Algiers City.