PR Lighting at the Dream Palace


PR Lighting’s broad portfolio of fixtures are being specified increasingly on television shows around the world — from Algeria to Cambodia — in view of their rich feature-set, discreet form factor and quiet operation.

Cambodia is the latest, where a number of automated heads and architectural LED colour-mix FX are being used in a high standard production on Dream Palace, a programme which features leading singers and musicians from around the country.

The show is screened by Hang Meas HDTV — the first High Definition TV station in the country — and takes place in front of a live theatre audience every Saturday night.


Complementing the regal backdrop, with performers entering the stage down the palatial stairs, are 24 of PR Lighting’s versatile, compact and fully featured XL300 moving heads, 12 x XL700 Spots and 16 of the newly-launched Arc LED 3108 fixtures. These are designed for wireless DMX transmission, with an advanced RGBW colour mixing system (and automatic environmental brightness adjustment). With its IP67 rating the Arc LED 3108 is also ideal for outdoor use.