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MPEGIF Master Class “An Expert Glimpse of TV in 2011 and Beyond” at IBC 2010

Sebastian Moeritz - David Price - Toby Russell - Benjamin Schwarz - Torkel Thorensen - David Wood

The MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF), the world’s largest advocacy group for standard’s based digital television technologies is presenting its latest MPEGIF Master Class titled “An Expert Glimpse of TV in 2011 and Beyond”, to be held at IBC 2010 on Monday, September 13th between 11:30am and 1:00pm at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam.

New Moves in Video Compression and Future of Over the Top Television main focus on September 13th, 2010

MPEGIF which recently merged with the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA) is proud to continue the long running, successful Master Class series well known from NAB, IBC and CES in previous years, bringing together an exceptional mélange of industry experts and leaders engaged in next generation digital television, multimedia and video entertainment.

The challenges facing the television/video industry today can be daunting. For many years, competition for subscribers revolved around content, while the network architecture remained relatively stable. More recently, Video on Demand, High Definition, Start Over and other time shifted applications have been widely deployed. This has now been joined by the “TV Everywhere” concept and, of course Over The Top (OTT) Television. In addition 3D is today trying to leap from the theatre into the living room. Every year there is something new to contemplate and for which to potentially plan. Over the years, the MPEG Industry Forum has worked aggressively to bring clarity to the industry’s vision of the future and to advocate for the adoption of standards that accelerate that clarity. This year at IBC the task has become more important than ever as new technologies create new opportunities to make (or lose) money. The 2010 Master Class at IBC is focused around the two areas mentioned in the title, and will bring technologists and leading executives from operators and content owners around the world to discuss these new opportunities and to share their experience and perspectives.

“Our industry has seen some quite remarkable evolution in the first decade of this millennium from a single screen proposition to a multi screen landscape delivering content to virtually any place at any time.” said Prof. Dr. h. c. Sebastian Moeritz, President of MPEGIF and Professor at the St. Petersburg State University for Film and Television. “MPEG Standards were, are and always will be the guarantors of progress for advanced television technologies and IBC is the perfect platform for our members to demonstrate their latest products and solutions.”

2011 will be a challenging year for the development of television”, said David price, Vice President of MPEGIF and Vice President at Harmonic. “While conventional consumption will remain prevalent, the increasing availability of broeritz - oadband will enable new distribution models. But how they will be controlled and monetized is still in a chaotic state”

Speakers and panellists include:
• David Wood – Deputy Director, EBU
• Torkel Thoresen, Chief Technologist of Broadcast Technologies, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting
• Toby Russell – CEO, 3Vision
• Benjamin Schwarz – Founder, CTO Innovation Consulting
• Prof. Dr. h. c. Sebastian Moeritz - President, MPEGIF/CEO, dicas
• David Price – Vice President, MPEGIF/Vice President, Harmonic


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