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Eurovision Song Contest with Sachtler artemis

"The artemis, gives me versatility and lets me get very close to the action. The results were steady images at close range."

On May 14, 2011, the 56th Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast live from the Düsseldorf Arena. With an estimated 120 million viewers from over 45 countries worldwide, it is one of the most important live TV events. 36,000 viewers were in the Arena as the duo from Azerbaijan claimed the title. For many in the crew who worked behind the scenes to make the TV event a success, an exhausting time came to an end with the final performance.

As early as April 23, camera operators started to prep for the live broadcast. Footage from a total of 25 cameras was broadcast on May 14. This included footage recorded by German camera operator Norman Bever, who operated a Grass Valley LDK 8000 with an artemis Cine HD camera stabilizer system from Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand.

Precise planning

At a live event of this magnitude, nothing is left to chance. Every performance was rehearsed numerous times beforehand. The artists were able to make change requests, which were taken into account after prior consultation with the director, Ladislaus Kiraly. "The big challenge was that every step of the artists on the stage always had to be recorded and edited exactly the same. Our job was to guarantee absolute reproducibility," explains Norman Bever, who has made entertainment shows his specialty.


Dependable equipment

Since so many factors have to be considered to get an optimal result, the equipment to be used had to meet demanding requirements. Dependability is the most important keyword. "In 2003, I decided in favor of an artemis camera stabilizer system because hassle-free and personal support are important to me. Curt O. Schaller and his team helped me to configure my artemis exactly the way I wanted it. This means ideal conditions for my work. In addition, the team was always open for suggestions and an exchange of ideas," says Norman Bever. "The artemis, gives me versatility and lets me get very close to the action. The results were steady images at close range range."


Practical features

"At the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as in the case of all other live events, I especially appreciated the Hot-Swap technology," emphasizes the operator. With this technology, an uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed when changing batteries. The camera, monitor, and transmission path do not have to be turned off – a feature that only the artemis systems provide. "Apart from that, I also really like that the artemis system can be used very compactly if required. In doing so, the total weight of the camera rig can be significantly reduced."