Clay Paky Luminaires add Intensity to Bay Music Awards


An accomplished group of Clay Paky Sharpys, Alpha Beam 300s, Alpha Wash 1200s and Alpha Spot HPE 1200s have provided a rich, intensely lit show at The Bay Music Awards in Malta.

Lighting designer Anton Borg Olivier – who has worked on the Maltese concerts of artists such as Iron Maiden and Status Quo – specified the Clay Paky luminaires because of their “rich colours and intense beams.”

I needed a flexible lighting rig, to cater for the different kinds of musical styles that feature during the awards,’ says Anton. ‘Clay Paky Alpha spots and washes guarantee a constant lighting level, and the cherry on the cake is the Sharpy - they produce amazing beam throws, with instant colour changes and equally fast changes on the gobos and prism. In addition the weight and size of the Sharpys allow them to be rigged in places where one would not usually expect to find such high-powered, feature rich lights.”


Local Clay Paky distributor and lighting supplier Nexos Lighting Technology supplied the luminaires for the show – which was organised by local radio station 89.7 Bay and also broadcast on Malta’s national TV station TVM.


Anton concludes: “I’m sure that I will now including the Sharpys in my lighting designs where they will join with the ever reliable Alpha range of fixtures from Clay Paky as a regular feature.”

Ismael Portelli, LD at Nexos Lighting, did the set design and worked closely with Mr. Anton Borg Olivier.