Avolites Titan Mobile and Expert Pro Provide Ultimate Creative Control for Kazakhstan and Serbia X-Factors


Proving great minds think alike, lighting designers Dmitriy Karabetskiy and Viktor Trifu both specified Avolites consoles for their individual designs for Kazakh and Serbian X-Factors.

For the Serbian series 'X-Factor Adria' Trifu and his partner Arsa Zlatkovic opted for the intuitive feature set of the Avolites Expert Pro to manage the show's vast amount of pre-programming. Whilst over in Khazakstan lighting designer Karabetskiy, a seasoned Avolites user, chose the Avolites Titan Mobile desk with Titan software.
"X-Factor Khazakstan is now in its fourth series and to celebrate this we wanted the show to be a 'spectacular'," explains Karabetskiy. "In terms of technology this has meant that the show is huge. I am using over 300 fixtures, 111 of which are moving heads."

Karabetskiy's lighting design is fast-paced and theatrical with each performer's act cued individually to complement the music. The grand aerial effects and bright stage washes ensure that audiences are captivated throughout, both in-studio and at home.
"Each of the contestants' performances required a different lighting look," continues Karabetskiy. "The Titan Mobile facilitated this by providing a huge range of creative options whilst being quick and intuitive to use."


The Titan Mobile combines a compact Avolites control surface with the powerful and universal Titan software.
"For me, the most vital feature of the Titan Mobile is the software's 'Visualiser'," explains Karabetskiy. "The Visualiser automatically patched the show as I assigned each fixture to the console. This meant I could design and program as I edited, saving me a lot of time."


The desk's Shape Generator feature allows the rapid design of the size, speed and morphing of a fixture's beam and then controls the effect using the Titan's control surface.
"With the Avolites Titan Mobile control set-up I can really focus my energy on the creative process," continues Karabetskiy. "I can build eye-catching designs rather than spending a lot of time programming. The Titan software provides intuitive, powerful programming and the control surface extends my creative reach into the live element of the show."

Also inspired by the creative intuition of the Avolites control desk range was Trifu and his partner Zlatkovic, who ran their lighting design for Serbian X Factor on the Avolites Pearl Expert Pro.
"A year ago we bought a Titan Mobile and have been Avolites users ever since - it is a way of life for us!" explains Trifu. "We chose to use the Avolites Pearl Expert Pro to control our design for Serbia's X-Factor because of the large amounts of pre-programming needed for the show. The Pearl Expert Pro has a vast amount of memory and allowed us easy and fast access to cue lists."


The Pearl Expert Pro enables designers to create fixture groups that can be stored on Add Buttons for fast live action as well as rapid programming of cues. Like all Avolites groups the group order is stored for use with shapes, effects and timing. The desk also features single button press recall of groups and this, coupled with a vast array of palettes, enables effortless creativity and fluid programming.
"We are impressed with the fast access, easy programming and editing features of the Pearl Expert," continues Trifu. "We have large numbers of moving fixtures and the desk handled them with ease."