Zurich Broadcast Center – the external production facility just outside of Zurich

Zurich Broadcast Center – the external production facility just outside of Zurich.

Equipped with the newest technology, it meets all your communicative needs. The studio can be rented for once or on a regular basis

Events are out. Budget cuts, time shortages, rising environmental awareness, and - at least temporarily - health concerns have been afflicting the traditional events model. What resort is there? The solution is within reach: make use of the possibilities of the Broadcast Center and get the most advanced studios and production solutions in TV format. Share your message with your stakeholders. Worldwide. Fast. Effective. Highly porfessional. Flexible. Cost effective. And tailored to your individual needs.

At NEP we do not lable anything as ‹impossible›. This is also applicable to our services at the Broadcast Center. From studio programmes, talk and award shows, over seminars, product launches, media trainings, shareholder meetings or you name it - everything is possible. Your dream format is our motivation.

Broadcast Center Zurich

• cost efficiency
• flexibility in implementation
• professionalism
• individuality
• optimal usage of time and ressources
• analytical data
• security
• independance from external factors

Broadcast Center Zurich

Studio A53.1

493 square meters of the most modern studio technology, directly integrated into the heart of the company-owned Broadcast Center. Endowed with a 8,4 million pixels LED wall (18 meters long and 3 meters high), virtual sets, and ready-to-use studio concepts, the A53 provides everything for any form of tailored high-end production. The high resolution LED wall can display any background, artwork or video by use of a media server. Besides, the video processor can process up to 6 live inputs simultaneously. These can be displayed in any size and any position within the picture-in-picture mode. The high-value LED lighting’s color temperature is steplessly variable; every range from daylight to tungsten light is possible. Hence, we bring the highest possible flexibility to adjust ourselves to any form of production.

Broadcast Center Zurich

Studio A 53.1

The studio comes standard with up to 6 studio cameras. These can be mounted on studio pedestals, small camera cranes, Dolly- or rail systems. Two camera prompting systems with additional preview monitors are ready for use. 12 radio microphones and 8 in-ear systems can be operated thanks to modular HF systems. Customers are free to choose between diverging microphone types, no matter if Lavalier or Headset-microphones, we have everything stored on-site - even in various color ranges. For staff that is directly involved in the production, such as a teleprompter operator or an operator of the mediaserver, around 8 workplaces are available. These workstations have a direct view of the production area and are connected with the gallery via intercom and network connectivity. Next to the production area there is a spacious lounge area. All your sales or communication team members, moderators, speakers, and guests find enough space and a comfortable atmosphere here. Moreover, our efficient wifi network guarantees a reliable connection to the internet at any time. Up to 40 persons can linger in this area respecting Covid19 restrictions.

Studio A 53.1 Floor Plan

• Studio surface of 493 m²
• Flexible production area 15 x 6 m long, 3 m high, preinstalled
pre-rig, black, glossy floor
• Working and lounge area 20 x 16 m, wifi broadband
• Makeup area with two work stations, wardrobe,
separate toilets for women and men
• Studio equipped with dimmable LED-bicolor-lighting
• Curved LED wall 18 m long, 3 m high, has overall
8,4 Mio pixels and a pixel resolution of 2,5 mm –
content server with 6 live video inputs
• Direct connection to the remote production gallery
• Production with up to 6 studio cameras (3 on Pumptripods)
and 2 Teleprompters
• Technical work stations for customers and editors in
the studio and in the remote production gallery
• Perfect access to the worldwide network of NEP
Connect (e.g. BBC Tower London, Eurovision)
Satellites-Uplink und Downlink-possibilities over the
Master Control Room
• Multi-channel recording is possible thanks to
12-channel-EVS-server, EVS-X-file and Turbo-NASstorage
• Separate commentary rooms for interpreters and
• Intercom-Matrix with Intercom panels and wireless
beltpacks/headsets, connection in the whole
• Direct access to highway 53, 10 min to the airport
of Zurich and Zurich maintown, 400 m next to the
military airfield Dübendorf (PPR @ LSMD)
• Barrier-free access to the studio
• Delivery with trucks possible (e.g. for set decor or
• Representative entrance area with a reception that
can be branded according to your wishes
• Up to 60 underground parking lots
• In-house restaurant with catering and hospitality
• Various meeting rooms and offices in diverse sizes
• In concordance with Covid19 measures thanks to
lavish room and safety plans

In the makeup and adjacent wardrobe area two work stations are set up. The two work stations enable the simultaneous preparation of more than one person. Hence, we are prepared to host larger groups of speakers. Lighting can be aligned to the lighting of the production area to get optimal makeup results.

Only a few meters from the studio you find the restaurant “Java 4”. The catering team is at your disposal and supports your production with culinary highlights. The team of Java 4 has been our catering partner for multiple years and brings long-term experience. They make your gastronomy wishes come true: classical buffets, flying fingerfood and menues, but also barbecue and live cooking stations, at which the chefs cook freshly on-site for you and your guests.

Video Gallery (PCR)

12 multifunctional work stations are set up in the spacious video gallery (Production Control Room). The director/vision mixer, graphics operator, producer, vision technician, EVS operator - who produces video establishing shots, slow motion scenes or optional highlight clips - find here an ergonomical work environment that is equipped with the most advanced high resolution production technology. The great number of work stations also provide enough workspaces for customers or editorial employees. The video mixer canmanage 36 video sources on 3 different M/E. Multiple intercom panels enable gapless communication to all team members from all work stations. The gallery comes standard with up to 6 studio cameras, and, additionally, 6 PTZ cameras. Modular 8 channel color correction systems can adjust external video signals to the desired look. The EVS server provides 12 video channels that can be used as feed or recording channels (for instance for ISO-cam recording). 2D and 3D graphics can be brought in thanks to the two-channel-graphics-computer.

Video Gallery Studio A53.1

• Video mixer Grass Valley KULA 3 M/E, 36 inputs, 12
outputs , 6 bidirectional i/o
• Riedel MicroN Modular Matrix, multiviewer
• Riedel Artist Intercom Matrix
• EVS XT-3 server, 12 channels
• EVS X-file
• VSM control
• LAWO MC36 audio mixer console with Power Core RP
• Leader Multiviewer/Vectorscope
• 8 channel VT server (remote video integration)
• Nimbra encoder/decoder
• AWS Elemental Streaming Encoder (up to 32
• Novo XL graphics engine
• Q-Lab Instant Replay Recorder/Player
• Network connection to two video editing work
• Connection to commentary rooms
• Integration for remote-commentators / interpreters

• 2 vision technicians (up to 10 cameras)
• 1x EIC
• 1x producer
• 1x vision mixer
• 1x director
• 2x EVS
• 1x graphics operator
• 1x VT Operator
• 2-3 customers / work stations for guests

Four commentary rooms are at your disposal. It is up to you whether a commentator or interpreter works here. Due to the direct connection to the audio and video gallery, incoming and outgoing signals can be routed if and as wished. 16 audio signals can be embedded to one single video signal. Thus, the simultaneous interpretation into multiple languages is possible. The commentary rooms can also be used for remote productions. That is, your employees can conveniently work at our place and you can save travel and other unnecessary expenses. An audio signal produced in our  commentary rooms can also be sent back to a remote location and, for instance, supply simultaneous translation headsets.

The audio gallery (Sound Control Room) is equipped with a modern mixer console and routing system. Up to 72 different audio signals can be mixed here simultaneously or distinguished into multiple groups. Sophisticated music productions are no problem to realize here, owing to a dolby 5.1 audio monitoring. An integrated audio measurement system guarantees the synchronicity of audio and video. Moreover, a large intercom matrix ensures an impeccable communication with all technical crew and partners. Regardles of whether the production is in-house or remote. Furthermore, NEP Switzerland provides a top-quality app-based communication solution. With this solution, up to 100 participants and up to 8 different groups can interact with each other. Also, lending fees for radio equipment or license fees can be spared.

Master Control Room

Our Master Control Room offers a nearly unconfined connectivity. Worldwide. And in whatever bandwith. No matter whether a satellite connection around the globe is wished, or a simultaneous livestream of up to 32 channles on different platforms, pretty much every wish can be granted here. For instance, we have direct fiber connection to all Swiss football stadiums. The connection to our partner “NEP Connect” provides us access to one of the best private A/V networks. Signal routings to the Eurovision EBU, the SRG, the BT-tower, and many more international TV production partners are possible in a few clicks only. And this 365 days 24/7.

Broadcast Center Zurich