Yomiuri TV Upgrades Workflow to Complete File-Based Solution from Grass Valley

Deployment includes EDIUS, K2 SAN with K2 Summit 3G, HDWS turnkey workstations with Storm 3G Elite, and GV STRATUS

Yomiuri TV, a major broadcaster in the Kansai region of Japan, has selected Grass Valley® to replace its entire tape-based linear editing workflow, including content management and archive systems, and send to playout, with a new file-based solution.

The Grass Valley system includes; K2 Summit® 3G production clients which connect directly to a K2 SAN server configuration, GV STRATUS® nonlinear production toolset for file based workflows, and a series of Grass Valley editing workstations with Storm 3G Elite I/O interfaces, which support Yomiuri TV’s existing EDIUS® editing software, enabling powerful, real-time multiformat editing in standard definition (SD) and HD formats. The editing workstations with Storm 3G Elite I/O devices comprise a turn-key solution which has the storage and power supply redundancy to significantly improve system availability.

Largest roll-out of K2 SAN systems in Japan


“As one of the leading broadcasters of Japan, we recognized a clear need to transition our editing systems to file-based workflows in order to meet the growing challenges of our day-to-day operations,” said Tsutomu Okazaki, Technical Manager, Engineering Operations Division, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation. “We wanted to find a cost-effective and future-proofed solution which would allow us close integration across our systems, end-to-end from editing to playout.

“Our pre-existing Grass Valley EDIUS editing software offers great features for news production, such as real-time performance, better format support, easy operation and high stability. Grass Valley provides a guaranteed quality of service which offers all the necessary components required for editing, such as ingest, content management, shared storage, video servers and turn-key solutions. This deployment will enable us to rapidly enhance the quality of our programming and workflow efficiencies.”

“Many of the large broadcasters in the Asia Pacific region are still using tape-based systems and yet the cost of a file-based network is almost half compared to a linear editing system,” said Stephen Wong, Senior Vice President APAC, Grass Valley. “This deployment will enable Yomiuri TV to edit simultaneously with other key workflows and vastly increase its effectiveness across the entire content creation and delivery process.”


As an advanced software platform, GV STRATUS incorporates a wide variety of tools from content management to integration of the industry-leading EDIUS editor, offering users custom metadata features and fast turn-around of content. The combination of GV STRATUS and EDIUS can be integrated in a number of ways. For Yomiuri TV, GV STRATUS provides multi-channel, managed ingest to the entire EDIUS based editing environment. This combination is just one of many examples of the flexibility of Grass Valley nonlinear production solutions.

Yomiuri TV builds complete file-based workflow with latest Grass Valley solutions


Yomiuri TV (読売テレビ?)) is a TV station in Osaka Business Park, Osaka, Japan, which serves in the Kansai region, and is affiliated with the Nippon News Network (NNN) and Nippon Television Network System (NNS). Founded as "New Osaka Television Co. (新大阪テレビ放送株式会社 Shin Ōsaka Terebi Hōsō Kabushiki Gaisha?, NOTV)" on February 13, 1958, and renamed "Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation" on August 1, the station started telecasting on August 28 as the first TV station to be affiliated with Nippon Television Network Corporation.

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