XL Video UK Invests in New Fleet of Media Servers

XL Video Media Server Front View / Back View

XL Video’s UK operation has announced a major upgrade to its fleet of media servers. The new servers, and accompanying custom-designed housings, are built around the newest Apple MacPro computers.

With live video production constantly evolving and requiring ever more powerful control systems, XL has taken the decision to invest in the newest Apple 3.5GHx 6-core Intel Xeon E5 Mac Pro machines to form the heart of its media server fleet.

The first custom-built racks will house Catalyst media servers running version 4.4 of the software, and boast up to a 1TB SSD drive. The units can output 2 x 2560x1600 resolution as standard and will play back 18 layers of Pro Res LT at 1920 x 1080, or 30 layers of AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) at the same resolution.


The racks, which feature LED edge lighting, also include, as standard, UPS power, an Adder KMV Controller, and a Cooling System with an XL shaped cut-out grille.

These sleek units each hold 2 Mac Pros with 4 Full Frame HD/SDI inputs.

As these upgraded media servers are rolled out across XL Video’s inventory, units with AI, D3 and Pandora’s Box server software will be brought online. The full fleet is expected to be in service in the next 6 months.


Christian Dickens, XL’s Media Server and Control Systems Manager commented: “Our clients are always looking to push creative boundaries with the scope of their shows and ensuring our fleet of media servers boasts the newest, most powerful technology available, allows us to support them.”