XDCAM Range Enhanced with Launch of XMPilot at IBC 2011

XMPilot is an advanced metadata management solution designed to significantly improve and speed up the XDCAM production workflow

At IBC this year, Sony Professional continued to build on the success of its XDCAM product range, the most popular file based production system in Europe, with the launch of the Sony XMPilot. The XMPilot is an advanced metadata management solution designed to significantly improve and speed up the XDCAM production workflow, targeting the broadcast, production and media markets. It is a combination of software and hardware for in-house and in-field applications, with added connectivity via mobile devices such as smartphones and touch tablets.

The XMPilot has already been successfully trialled by a number of major UK production houses including TalkBack Thames and Blenheim Films. Both production houses have experienced great improvements in their workflow and speed of editing, making huge savings on resources expenditure and reduction in many manual tasks.

At IBC 2011, Sony has announced the following XMPilot software packages:   

XMPilot Planner   

XMPilot Tool   

XMPilot Import Utility

These new software packages are the backbone of XMPilot and facilitate a more connected experience in the production environment, allowing users to manage their recorded media content more easily and efficiently.


With the XMPilot, users can create planning metadata with the XMPilot Planner in advance and have the flexibility to transfer this metadata to a camcorder remotely via email and Wi-Fi, as well as directly via USB or file-copying onto a recording media. Live logging and post-shoot logging against the timecode with the XMPilot tool running on mobile devices, such as smartphones and touch tablets, enables further enrichment of the metadata with essence marks and comments. This eliminates paper-based logging, manual data entry and typing errors, boosting workflow efficiency and reducing production costs. The XMPilot Live viewing option allows XMPilot users to select a target camcorder (with XMPilot Tool GUI) and view live stream recording whilst away from the shooting set.

The XMPilot Import Utility’s auto-ingest feature allows users to automatically name and transfer clips to the right storage locations inside a non-linear editor, complementing XMPilot metadata management and significantly speeding up the ingest and editing stages of the overall XDCAM workflow.

The new version of the XDCAM Browser V2.0 with enhanced live operation support and Planning Metadata creation/editing/transfer functions, as well as the new optional Advanced Pack for XDCAM Browser will be released in November 2011. The Advanced Pack will include Acquisition Metadata Display and Print Clip Information functionalities.

From this year Sony Europe is working in close collaboration with Sony Ericsson in a true “Sony United” spirit to offer a range of Sony mobile devices for the XMPilot. From October 2011 XMPilot customers will be able to use the new Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones for planning metadata transfer, live viewing and live logging. The XMPilot Xperia application will be available for download on a free of charge basis to all Xperia customers. Sony Ericsson is also planning to provide support for the XMPilot application for the Sony Tablet users.


The XMPilot is compatible with most XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD 422 camcorders, including the hugely successful PMW-500 launched at IBC 2010. The PMW-500 was welcomed by the industry for its ultra light-weight and well-balanced design and low power consumption, becoming the camcorder of choice for news gathering. Since its launch in October 2010, the PMW-500 camcorder sales to date across Europe have reached a total of more than 670 units. Acquisition of this camcorder by major broadcasters, including Spain’s TVE, Norway’s NRK, Turkey’s TRT, UK’s BBC, Belgium’s RTL TVI and New Zealand’s TVNZ has further strengthened the acceptance and adoption of this camcorder in the broadcast market. In synergy, the XMPilot and the PMW-500 provide the ultimate and unrivalled high-speed reliable workflow solution like no other.

The PWW-500 works with the XDS product range, such as XDS-PD2000 server/deck launched this year, and featuring support for multi-task operation and networking. “Sony’s PMW portfolio and the XDS range have already set the benchmark for efficient and highly flexible file-based workflows which are ideal for broadcasters and production houses,” said Fabien Pisano, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Professional, Sony Europe.

“The XMPilot strengthens this offering even further and creates a more effective bridge between the studio and the field. Post shoot, users don’t want to be trawling through an endless array of footage looking for errors or wasting time typing paper-based logs into an IT system. In fact, the XMPilot can turn a previous two-days-worth of logging into two hours!”

As Audio Visual technology continues to blend in with IT, the XMPilot is a perfect example of Sony bringing innovative technology to the market, so users can exploit this change seamlessly. It also reaffirms Sony’s position as the leading expert in delivering world-class efficient production solutions.