wTVision Launches Football Stats CG Light and ChannelMaker-in-a-box


wTVision will showcase at IBC 2012 its Real-Time Broadcast Graphics and Playout Automation solutions, including the new product Football Stats CG Light - Single Operator Edition, ChannelMaker-in-a-box and the new interface of the Character Generator, Studio CG, on the company’s booth 3.C67.

Football Stats CG Light - Single Operator Edition provides tools to collect,manage data and transform this information into on-air graphics in a fast and simple way.

ChannelMaker-in-a-box is a simplified solution that fits inside a single system. This solution includes everything a broadcaster needs to manage a TV Channel: sequencer, playout, video server, graphics controller, integrated ingest, media validation tools, among many other features.


wTVision will be making demos during the 5 days of the exhibition.

wTVision will also showcase the new interface of its Character Generator, Studio CG. This product serves as a complement to graphic engines platforms, speeding up the workflow as it reduces the dependency on programmers to create new graphic templates.

Thinking in a more intuitive operation, wTVision, together with its outsourcing team, who use Studio CG on clients, created a new interface, 100% compatible with daily work tasks.


Visitors will also find Elections CG controlling a virtual parliament.

wTVision develops tailored solutions to each client integrating its Elections CG with any technology: tablets, virtual graphics, touch screens, etc.

wTVision is one of the main real-time on-air graphics players, with projects in over 30 countries and supporting over 5000 live broadcasts yearly. The company’s develops projects for Sports, Elections, Entertainment, Studio Programs and Playout Automation, working closely with broadcasters, TV channels and production companies.