WTS Group's Studio in a Box to Be Used by TIMA for 2012 Olympics

International News Agency TIMA to use WTS Groups’ integrated flight-case production suite for Olympics coverage

WTS Group has today announced that their portable flight-case production suite, Studio in a Box, will be used by international news agency TIMA for coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Studio in a Box, which was designed and built by WTS Group’s systems integration arm C2S Systems, is a fully integrated multi-format production suite, designed to fold away into a flight-case for transportation. The Studio in a Box was devised by C2S Systems to fill the gap between an OB truck and a traditional flyaway, for use in situations where gallery facilities aren’t available and a truck is impractical.

During the Games the Studio in a Box will be situated in a temporary working location on the rooftop of Westfield Stratford, overlooking the Olympic Park, where it will be used to provide a three-camera studio and a single camera presentation position with a view of the iconic stadium and buildings as a backdrop. TIMA will offer the facilities for both ad-hoc and regular use throughout the games.


The Studio in a Box will be delivered to location on Monday 16th of July ready for rehearsals and build-up coverage. Technical capability of the Studio in a Box includes four HD camera channels, two HD VTR’s, an HD Production Server and final point audio embedding for transmission or recording.

“The Studio in a box is perfect for our purposes at TIMA in covering events such as the Olympic games. It means we have access to broadcast quality equipment in an easily portable and very compact desk. The ability of the desk to fold-away to a flight-case means we can use it on the Westfield roof-top with very little set-up time and it’s a cost-effective alternative to an OB truck. As the first major event for TIMA the Olympics represents everything we’ve been gearing towards since setting up our operation. This is our chance to prove ourselves in the marketplace so having access to the best broadcasting equipment available while on location is very important. This is what WTS’s Studio in a Box provides”, said Alla Salehian, Managing Director at TIMA.


“It’s the fold-away desk element of the Studio in a Box design that makes the product different. The convenience of having a ready-rigged desk by opening the box and plugging in the camera channels saves on staffing and set-up costs and creates a perfect work-station for two to three operators. It’s the accessibility and convenience that we aim to provide to broadcasters with the design - the time from arriving on site to going on air can be as little as half an hour. We’re very happy to see the Studio in a Box used for such high-profile event coverage,” commented Ofir Mor, Managing Director & CEO of WTS Group.

About Studio in a Box
The C2S Systems Studio in a Box is a fully integrated multi-format production work-station which folds away into a wheeled portable flight-case. It is designed to be easy to use, quick to set-up, and flexible for situations where an OB is impractical and gallery facilities are not available. Additional flight cases are supplied to store cameras, tripods, dollies and also convert into an extra worktop.Each Studio in a Box is custom-built to a customers’ equipment specification. The Studio in a Box is the invention of C2S Systems, part of the WTS Group.


About TIMA
TIMA, which stands for The International Media Associates, is a news gathering agency offering live news footage, events coverage and facilities including equipment, edit suites and a reporting studio, to foreign correspondents from their central London facility on Haymarket. Tima offers a range of news services from programme creation to live breaking news coverage, and delivers video content to broadcasters across all platforms.

About C2S Systems
C2S Systems is the Systems Integration business of WTS Group, providing bespoke integration solutions for broadcasters and content producers globally. Specialists in broadcast television and media technology, C2S Systems delivers projects of any size, from studio installations and outside broadcast units, to transmission centres and post production facilities.  C2S Systems also provides independent services to customers including consulting, design, installation and custom fabrication.


About WTS Group
The WTS Group of companies stand as leaders in the film & television technology industry, providing solutions and services that enable the acquisition, manipulation and delivery of all forms of media content. WTS Group brings together the people, products, skills and technologies to bridge the gap between traditional broadcast and a new digital world, setting the standard in the design of bespoke solutions for modern industry challenges.