WorldLinX Alliance: The New Solution for Your Wireless Challenge

Gabriel Fehervari (President WorldLinx Alliance), Gilles Sallé (CEO & founder AMP VISUAL TV)

Gabriel Fehervari (President WorldLinx Alliance), Gilles Sallé (CEO & founder AMP VISUAL TV) and Jacques Hendrickx (CEO WorldLinX Alliance) announce the concept, the means, the goals and the benefits of a new company : WorldLinX Alliance.

This company is an alliance that gathers the streng ths of different European broadcast service providers and optimizes wireless resources, particularly aircrafts, helicopters, motorbikes and RF links.

“Above all, it’s a story of a common will”, explains Gilles Sallé. “With Gabriel, we have known each other for a long time and have always wanted to propose a really innovative offer for broadcasting sport events requiring wireless facilities.”

Both men accordingly decided to join forces and to create WorldLinX Alliance.


Pooling energies
To reach their goals, they opted for an offer which is going to set up a network of local partners in Europe enabling them all to benefit at the same time not only from equipment, but equally from expertise and R&D capacities.

“Our aim is to offer major technical innovations which will impact current sport broadcasting. We are entering a new era of television and we want to combine our strengths to make image production for all sports easier to understand and more available” insists Gabriel Fehervari.

By pooling skills, WorldLinX Alliance invests in R&D to bring innovative solutions for cycling, sailing, marathon, cross-country skiing and any other sports or challenge that requires wireless equipment.


The advantages of the “alliance" for viewers and broadcast clients are multiple: costs effective operations will optimize quality/price. The alliance will have resources for R&D, offering innovation for both clients and viewers, ... The members of the Alliance will be announced in the next weeks.


The company benefits from an extensive range of equipment:
• 2 pressurized airplanes Beechcraft B200, equipped with special Cargo Pods carrying gyroscopic antennas and extensible transmission arms, all EASA certified.
• more than 15 fully equipped motorbikes for cameramen, commentary...
• more than 100 TX-RX systems for short, medium and long range applications
• more than 100 wireless HDTV camcorders
• Terrestrial relays, helicopter relays, all in HDTV-MPEG4, radio relays UHF-VHF, 15 wireless communication base stations, more than 400 walkie talkies (UHF-VHF), reporter systems...
• More than 150 on board cameras for autosport, sailing...
• Massive amount of wireless periphery such as 10 spectrum analysers, encoders, Modulators...
• Many OB vans, SNG vans , dedicated wireless fly-aways

The company is looking for local partners across Europe so that they can build better relationships within six or seven sub-territories. Partner companies are expected to be announced by the end of the year.

In terms of R&D, the belief is that the Alliance will be able to fit up to 30 devices into the same amount of wireless spectrum that typically can serve up to eight sources.

“We have no plans to do anything more than wireless devices,” adds Fehervari. “The common goal is wireless and to extend it for use on graphics systems and second-screen applications.”


Fouder & member of WordLinx
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