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Want to provide an instant, low cost HD service?

Quasar Ph.C

Changing your infrastructure to support HD can be an expensive and disruptive undertaking, however there is a quick and cost effective way to get HD services on air. Quasar Ph.C is the world's first motion compensated HDTV upconverter, it integrates Emmy® award winning technologies to provide stunning upconverted pictures whatever the source and at a remarkably affordable price.


* Enhancer - a sophisticated enhancement control means that even legacy formats look good in HD
* Gamut Legalizer - guarantees that all output is within legal limits making it suitable for the broadcast signal chain
* Color Space Converter - provides conversion from SD Rec. 601 to HD BTU709
* Aspect Ratio Converter - Allows sources to be reformatted with the most common options available as presets. Support for widescreen signalling enables seamless integration in the playout environment
* Closed Captions - handled and converted to ensure compliance with legal obligations
* Timecode - extracted and converted to both VITC and LTC


Quasar Ph.C achieves maximum resolution preserving the fine detail in graphics and sharpness of text. Softness and lack of detail are typical artifacts which are seen in other products.



In fast moving sports action, detailand definition around key parts of the images such as the ball or player are critical. Quasar Ph.C uses Ph.C motion estimation and motion compensation to ensure full resolution and well defined motion. It is the only product that provides full resolution moving video images. Other products introduce blur and reduce resolution in moving areas.

Complex Pictures

A typical program output comprises many components such as station branding, credit rolls and video or animation. Quasar Ph.C handles all of these simultaneously without compromise. Other products cannot handle these types simultaneously.