VME Make Major Martin Audio MLA Stock Upgrade

Sky Sports Fight Night

Already owners of an MLA System 30, Manchester-based VME Ltd have extended their commitment to Martin Audio’s premier platform by investing in a further 28 x MLA, six MLD Downfills and 12 MLX subs — bringing their inventory up to 76 enclosures.

This not only gives them a powerful and award-winning front-line system with which to pitch for new business but positions them as the second largest MLA rental company in Europe.

Managing director Dion Davie said the new round of investment just before the turn of the year was the result of meeting increased broadcast requirements for Sky Sports and the prospect of a busy summer season. Large amounts of their stock have already been requisitioned for use at outdoor events this summer,  including their own stately home classical concerts.

“We had so many big boxes going out and we wanted to remain self-contained,” he said.

This follows the intention of VME, originally set out in spring 2012, to step up to large-scale concert touring and festivals from their core base of the summer classical concerts and smaller scale reinforcement. “The MLA acquisition represents the biggest single investment we’ve ever made,” declared Dion at the time.


But with the escalation of Sky Sports Fight Night arena tours, which require MLA systems to be rigged in six hangs surrounding the ring, he says “we are using nearly every box we have.”

Davie adds, “There are splits of everything, straight off the broadcast, with performance music and grams stings, as well as high level VT inserts, because we have HD screens, which need to be perfectly in sync. It is a highly technical, precision operation.”

Sky Sports Fight Night


Meanwhile VME — who recently provided sound reinforcement for the prestigious TPi Awards (in front of their production industry peers) — expect to announce other new broadcast contracts, and will be finalising their own summer work schedule in due course.

Added Martin Audio Director of Sales, Simon Bull, “VME’s work profile has given us presence in some segments that we wouldn't routinely be associated with. We are grateful for the faith they continue to place in our cutting-edge technology and will continue to support them far into the future.

About MLA™ (Multi-Cellular Loudspeaker Array)
The result of many years of intensive R&D, MLA’s methodology replaces trial-and-error array design with intelligent numerical optimization of the array’s output based on a highly accurate acoustic model. The multi-cellular format has six individual cells in each enclosure, each with its own DSP and amplification.

With up to 24 enclosures, each MLA array has up to 144 cells -- too great a number to optimize manually, or by ear. Instead, Martin Audio’s proprietary Display2™ system design software automatically calculates FIR DSP filters for each cell and a redundant-ring audio network (U-NET™) downloads the settings into each array enclosure. Martin’s VU-NET™ software provides real-time control and monitoring of the system.


MLA delivers a frequency response and SPL consistency never before achievable; a very high system output (140dB peak, per cabinet @1m); Automatic optimization of the array, both physically (splay angles) and electronically (DSP); Computer control and monitoring of the entire system, and total control of sound system balance for engineers and sound technicians.

MLA is fully integrated, with Class D amplification, DSP and U-NET digital audio
Network built into each enclosure. MLA complete systems are ready-to-use, with MLA, MLD and MLX enclosures, flying hardware, software, cabling and training all supplied. Everything needed is included. All ancillary items — from tablet PC and Merlin™ controller to network interconnects and mains distro — are also included in the complete system package. This ensures full compatibility worldwide, down to cabling and accessories.

Additional features include 90° x 7.5° dispersion; a compact size (1136mm wide x 372mm high x 675mm deep), one-box-fits-all (festivals to theaters) application range and a global voltage, power factor corrected power supply.

MLA’s compact size and very high output allows it to be shipped using smaller trucks, offering considerable savings and reduced carbon footprint. The system also includes the MLX powered, flyable subwoofer capable of an unprecedented peak output of 150dB @ 1m; MLD downfill cabinet, and Merlin 4-in/10-out system controller and network hub. Audio input is via analog, AES3 or U-NET.

By adopting these principles and system components MLA is optimized for every member of the audience — from a 2,000 capacity theater, to a 20,000-seat arena, to a 100,000-person festival site. It will deliver the engineer’s exact mix to every seat (up to over 150 meters) with precision, exceptional power and clarity.