Vivace Music Delivers World Class Performance with AWS 948

Console Hits the Mark for Audio quality, Stereo Recording Workflow and Integrated DAW Control

Vivace Music, a new professional recording facility built in the heart of Montevideo, Uruguay, has achieved its goal of delivering a world class creative recording environment with a Solid State Logic AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller. Conceived as a high-end creative space to attract artists from multiple genres including jazz, rock, pop, world and Latin, the AWS provides a high sonic benchmark, while offering sophisticated DAW control from the console surface.

“Until we opened, most of the recording studios in Uruguay have been mid-budget-type facilities,” says Cesar Lamschtein, co-owner of Vivace Music. “My partner, Luis Cesio, and I strongly felt the time was right for a high-end facility that could serve national and international artists. That is what led us to the AWS 948. Having had previous experience with SSL, making an in-the-box studio was really out of the question. The AWS 948 gave us the level of control for our Pro Tools® system we needed, while giving us the signature SSL SuperAnalogue™ sound. Now we can work in both worlds while generating a great sound right from the console.”

Vivace Music, designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG), has one studio room, capable of holding up to eight musicians, shared by Control Room A and B, along with isolation booths. The AWS has been used on projects ranging from national star Fernando Cabrera; Spanish pop artist Sebastián Ramirez; the reggae band El Congo and tango performer Maia Castro, to the rock artist Pelado Gurú and folk group Orgánica.


“The audio quality of the AWS is second to none, and we find ourselves using outboard pre-amps only for a particular sonic color,” Lamschtein explains. “We have also purchased an SSL X-Rack filled with dynamics modules to complete the SSL sonic experience across more channels. For my workflow, technology is always the second consideration, but only if it delivers reliable and predictable performance. The AWS works so well, it is almost invisible to the recording and mixing process. It allows us to capture music in its pristine form, or to add color if we need it. The AWS lets us concentrate on the creative process, not the technical process, and that is what separates a world-class studio from other studios.”

Lamschtein tries to record everything in stereo varying between A/B, M/S, Blumlein and X/Y techniques for capture. The AWS easily accommodates this style of recording, making both capture and mixing easy.


“Recording in stereo is a must have for me,” states Lamschtein. “I use different stereo techniques for different instruments and vocals. With the AWS 948, I can get that stereo track on one fader for a mix, and that is just great for me. The 948 suits my workflow and the SSL name is already yielding positive results with international clients and producers. Having SSL improves my bottom line.”