Vision Research Introduces Phantom v411

New v411 Adds More Options to the V-Series Line of Phantom Cameras

Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, extends the company’s Phantom® 1 Megapixel (Mpx)-v-Series line of digital high-speed cameras with the addition of the v411.  This addition provides consumers with even more options to get the performance they need within budget.

The v411 uses the same technology as other 1Mpx v-Series cameras, adding a camera with 4Gpx/s throughout to the line.  The v411 has a top speed at full resolution of 4200 fps. 

The cameras also have a number of unique features, including Phantom CineMag compatibility for on-camera storage and long record time applications.  They also include Image-Based Auto-Trigger functionality, Extreme Dynamic Range and an internal capping shutter for hands-free and remote black references.


“The latest Phantom v-Series cameras improve the usability of the line while maintaining the same speed, sensitivity and high-performance for which they have always been recognized.”

Additionally, for the first time ever, Vision Research is offering upgrades within the Phantom 1 Mpx v-Series camera family.  Now users with a limited budget can buy at the low end and upgrade performance later.  Upgrades are available for the v311 to the v611 or the v411 to the v711.

The latest Phantom® v-Series cameras offer additional connectivity and on-camera controls that improve signaling and provide users with more options for enhancing their research and testing industrial applications.  Additionally, the v-Series cameras feature a new white body, which is ideal for shooting outside, particularly in deserts or test ranges, as it reflects the sun and keeps the camera cool.


Additional High‑Performance Features Shared by the Entire Phantom Phantom v-Series:
-    Custom-designed 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor
-    Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR): two exposures per frame
-    Internal Mechanical Shutter Mechanism for hands-free/remote black references
-    Memory Segmentation: up to 63 segments
-    Non-volatile, hot-swappable Phantom CineMag memory magazines
-    CineMag interface is optional on all models
-    Range Data Input: embed tracker data into recorded cine file
-    8GB, 16GB, 32GB of internal high-speed memory
-    GB Ethernet

About Vision Research
Vision Research designs and manufactures high-speed digital imaging systems used in applications, including defense, automotive, engineering, science, medical research, industrial manufacturing and packaging, sports and entertainment, and digital cinematography for television and movie production.


The Wayne, N.J.-based company prides itself on the unsurpassed light-sensitivity, image resolution, acquisition speed and image quality produced by its systems, as well as robust software interfaces, reliability and versatility of its camera family – all which continue to stand as benchmarks for the high‑speed digital imaging industry.  Known for its innovations in high-speed digital camera technology and sensor design, Vision Research has received numerous research and development awards and was recently honored with an Emmy® Award for its revolutionary technology and engineering.

Vision Research’s broad line of digital high-speed cameras, marketed under the Phantom® brand; adds a new dimension to the sense of sight.  They are used as innovative engineering tools, enabling users to visualize and analyze physical phenomena when it’s too fast to see, and too important not to™.