The Vision Mixers Show 2012

For-A HVS 4000HS - Ross Carbonite - Grass Valley Karrera - Snell Kahuna 360 - Sony MVS 8000 X - Orad TD Control

The Vision Mixers Guild (UK & Ireland) announced details of their second Vision Mixers Show on 15th & 16th March 2012 at Riverside Studios Hammersmith London.

The show brings together the  main Vision Mixing Manufacturers (Sony, Snell, Ross, For-A, Grass Valley) each showing their latest High Definition Broadcast Vision Mixing Desks in the one room.

The event will be FREE to attend for Vision Mixers, Engineers, Facility Managers and other Broadcast Professionals.

The show is set to run for two days, with the first day set aside for just Vision Mixers attending and the second day for all groups.

The concept is very simple, you have the people who operate and engineer Vision Mixing desks in Studios and Outside Broadcast facilities (many of whom are freelance) coming together to meet the mixer specialists with a view to gaining more knowledge about the desks. Since most Broadcast Professionals are freelance, training and information on the latest mixer software updates don't always filter down to the end-user.


Reasons to Attend
• FREE to Vision Mixers, Engineers, Managers & other Broadcast Professionals
• Great opportunity to network and meet socially
• All the top mixer manufacturers in the ONE room along with their specialists
• Easy to get to - 5 min walk from Hammersmith Tube
• High Definition Mixers on display along with mixer specialists to answer all your questions.

Equipment to see
• Sony MVS 8000 X
• Snell Kahuna 360
• Ross Video Carbonite
• Grass Valley Karrera
• For-A HVS 4000HS
• Orad TD Control (DVE +)

The show is run by the Vision Mixers Guild which is a non-profit making organisation.