Use of LiveU Expanded by Global News Operation


LiveU has announced that BBC News has expanded its use of LiveU’s technology, deploying both backpack and belt-clip mobile uplink solutions around the world.

The BBC has broadened its use of the technology to enhance its global newsgathering capabilities. In the US, LiveU’s LU70 backpack and LU40-S belt-clip units have been used to bring coverage of events the scale of Hurricane Sandy, the presidential elections, the Boston bombing and the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado to viewers with footage supplied to BBC News, BBC World and BBC World America.

BBC News has been using LiveU technology  for upwards of four years, including at last year’s London Olympics, with units now deployed in India, China, Russia and the US as well as across the UK. The broadcaster is using the units, alongside those of another provider, over a wide variety of networks including 4G/LTE.


News operations benefit from the technology’s flexibility being able to be used live – including two-way interviews, as-live and also store-and forward. With its portability, flexibility, high resiliency and cost-effectiveness, the technology can be used in situations where satellite transmission would be impossible.

Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO, said, “We are very pleased to see the way BBC News has expanded its use of our solutions and appreciate their long-term usage of LiveU technology. From transmitting live from the Moscow underground and the Great Wall of China to using it close to the North Korean border, we are excited to see the way that the broadcaster has recognised that bonded cellular technology is a key tool for global news content creation and delivery.”


The technology has been supplied by LiveU’s UK distributor Garland Partners Ltd., alongside a full service package.

LiveU owns the patent for cellular bonding for remote news gathering in the US and other countries. All LiveU products are based on this fourth-generation patented technology.

LiveU is the pioneer of broadcast-quality, video-over-cellular solutions that allow live video transmission (HD and SD) from any location around the world.  LiveU’s backpack / handheld solutions include multiple 4G LTE/3G, HSPA+, WiMAX and Wi-Fi cellular links, which are optimized for maximum video quality based on the available network conditions. With top-tier customers in 60+ countries across five continents, LiveU’s solutions have been used at high-profile events, including the 2012 US Presidential Campaign, 2011 British Royal Wedding, Academy Awards®, GRAMMY Awards®, Super Bowl, NBA All Star Weekend, Brazilian Carnival, World Cup in South Africa and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.