TV SKYLINE with New Mobile Edit Suites

The multifunctional van of TV SKYLINE gets more flexible with two networked Avid edit suites

TV SKYLINE's multifunctional van can be used as a control or sub-control room, for 2D or 3D as well. Furthermore, also work places for EVS, Character Generator or Autocue operators can be installed. During productions for corporate clients the van can be used as a dubbing area with USB station and Final Cut Pro edit suite. Currently the van accompanies the FIS women’s downhill tournament through Europe as an unilateral control room.

TV SKYLINE has now also two networked Avid Media Composers and can offer the multifunctional truck as a twin editing mobile. The Avid Media Composers run on two Apple Mac Pro computers with 6 and 15 GB RAM, each with a 6-Core Intel Xeon processor with 2 x 2,66 GHz. While one edit suite uses the Avid Nitris-System as I/O interface, the second one is working with the KONA LHi module by AJA.

With the mxfSPEEDRAIL by MOG a simultaneous live ingest of six different signals is possible. As a central server TV SKYLINE uses the Avid ISIS 5000 with 32 TB memory capacities. This corresponds to 444 hours of DNxHD content. For administration purpose a third Media Composer system is running on the latest MacbookPro 17”, from which all systems can be configured centrally via KVM network.  In addition to the administration of the system it is also possible to ingest ENG material without disturbing the edit. Of course, the Avids can also be used as stand alone edit suites on the HD OB Vans of TV SKYLINE.


With the purchase of the Avid edit suites and the according server technology, TV SKYLINE increased its range of services. By now clients can fall back on TV SKYLINE for a complete production from recording with or without special camera systems to ingest and edit to uplink. This means not only productions with a maximum of reliability by means of the newest equipment but also with a highly qualified and motivated team from TV SKYLINE.

TV SKYLINE is always open to customer demands and now offers even a little bit more.