TV Galicia Chooses Chyron HyperX³.¹ On-Air Graphics Systems

HyperX³.¹ Integrates Smoothly With Existing Chyron Graphics Environment and Brings New Levels of Graphics Sophistication

Chyron today announced that Televisión de Galicia (TVG), Spain's only Galician-language broadcaster, has installed two of the company's HyperX³.¹ on-air graphics systems as part of a major HD studio upgrade at its central broadcasting facility in Santiago de Compostela.

"As a committed Chyron customer for many years, we rely on several key Chyron solutions in both our studios and OB trucks for news and sports production, as well as other types of daily programming. Therefore, when it came time to upgrade our graphics capabilities, HyperX³.¹ was the natural choice," said Antonio Posse, technical and engineering manager, TVG. "Instant compatibility with the rest of our environment, plus the support and technical expertise from Clearcom, Chyron's channel partner here in Spain, were key reasons in our decision."

The Chyron HyperX³.¹ systems have been installed to provide presentation graphics for news and daytime programming in TVG's newly refitted Studio 1 and Studio 2, which now have full HD production capabilities. Chyron's CAMIO graphics asset management server integrates the two HyperX³.¹ systems with TVG's installation of the AP NRCS news production system.


The latest release of Chyron's flagship on-air graphics system, HyperX³.¹ is ideal for live sports channels, news stations, and outside broadcast productions. The extremely fast, powerful, and easy-to-use HyperX³.¹ platform features seamless creation-to-playout capabilities and real-time 2D/3D animation. A major selling point for TVG was Chyron's award-winning Lyric™ PRO 8 advanced graphics creation and playout software, a standard feature of HyperX³.¹.

"By completing the first installation of HyperX³.¹ in Spain, TVG is a prime example of how Chyron's award-winning graphics technology can accelerate workflows and enable broadcasters to take even the most complex graphics presentations to air quickly and efficiently," said Paul Glasgow, vice president of EMEA sales at Chyron. "With HyperX³.¹, TVG is able to take its on-air graphics to a new level with features such as tickers, clocks, and graphics with conditional transitions. And, with the easy-to-use Lyric PRO software, engineers can create complex animations in a fraction of the time previously required."


About Televisión de Galicia
Based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Televisión de Galicia (TVG) is the primary television channel of Galician public broadcaster Compañía de Radio Televisión de Galicia. TVG now broadcasts a full 168 hours per week, with almost 70 percent consisting of its own productions. TVG also broadcasts an international channel in America and Europe via satellite, and the channel is offered in other parts of Spain, as well as in Portugal, by a number of cable television providers.

About Chyron
Chyron (NASDAQ: CHYR) is a leading provider of Graphics as a Service for on-air and digital video applications including newsrooms, studios, sports broadcasting facilities, and corporate video environments. An Emmy® Award-winning company whose products have defined the world of digital and broadcast graphics, Chyron's graphics solutions include the Axis World Graphics online content creation software and order management system, on-air graphics systems, clip servers, channel branding, and graphics asset management solutions, all of which may be incorporated into the company's BlueNet™ end-to-end graphics workflow.