Triofilm TV Selects Grass Valley's New LDX Series Cameras

LDX Series Cameras for Flexible and Cost-Effective Production

Looking for the latest and most flexible technology to equip its new outside broadcast (OB) van in the most cost-effective way, Düsseldorf-based Triofilm TV has selected five LDX Series™ cameras and one LDK 8300 Live Super SloMo camera system from Grass Valley®, as part of its high-definition (HD) live production workflow. The new truck will hit the road Spring 2013 to cover sports and entertainment events.

Triofilm TV, a long-time Grass Valley customer, wanted to ensure that the new OB van would be future-proof, in terms of technology, features, and formats, in order to realize a fast return on itsinvestment. It chose the LDX Première™, an economical high-performance dual-format HD camera optimized for today's typical broadcast applications.

“We really like the new LDX camera and its software-based features, which will help us to keep the cameras up to date with formats and features, no matter what the client needs,” said Uwe Beier, Managing Director, Triofilm TV. “There’s no disputing that Grass Valley cameras, including the LDK 8300 Super SloMo camera, are the workhorse of the OB van industry—and with the new LDX Series cameras, I believe Grass Valley has another winner on its hands.”


One of the main features of the LDX Series are three new, in-house developed, Xensium-FT CMOS imagers, which provide pristine images in a variety of HD resolutions while eliminating typical CMOS artifacts, especially the “rolling shutter effect.” The flexibility of the camera system was also paramount to Triofilm, as the LDX Première delivers functionality in software that can be simply and easily upgraded.

“Triofilm TV has set itself apart from the competition with the LDX Première cameras,” said Alan Wright, Regional President for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Grass Valley. “With leading-edge HD capabilities and the ability to upgrade camera functionality as needed to meet client demands, Triofilm has made a smart investment that will quickly pay in dividends.”


Triofilm TV ordered the LDX Première cameras with the Grass Valley 3G Transmission system (triax) and fiber/triax twin base stations. 3G Transmission is not only easy to set up; it transmits camera signals longer distances on triax with much higher performance than conventional analog triax systems.

The Grass Valley LDX Series includes the LDX Première (1080i50/60 and 720p50/60), LDX Elite™ (1080PsF, 1080i50/60, and 720p50/60), and LDX WorldCam™ (1080p50/60, 1080PsF, 1080i50/60, and 720p50/60) models. Both the LDX Première and LDX Elite models are software-upgradable to the next level within the series. Each LDX Series camera delivers uncompromised performance, full compatibility with Grass Valley's line of 3G Transmission solutions, and stunning images. The LDX Series boasts an ergonomic design with time-saving features such as improved color management and automated controls, allowing operators to concentrate on creativity.


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