Touring Video Confirms Purchase of STAGETEC’s CRESCENDO

STAGETEC USA announced that Touring Video Inc. has ordered a 32 fader, 110 channel CRESCENDO console. After using the console on a couple of live-to-tape TV broadcasts in LA, the flexibility and reliability of the system has proven itself ready for prime time.

 Several freelance audio operators had the opportunity to use the console during the recordings and unanimously gave it the thumbs up to Touring’s President Doug Armstrong: “The engineers have also become big fans, with the powerful NEXUS router as the core and a star based system we can place I/O frames on stage, in tape racks and in control rooms” stated Armstrong. “Everything talks within a reliable simple fiber network, it sounds great and even offers the ability to embed video within the frame.

 Chris Rich, one of the A1s on the recordings stated, “I’m impressed with the build and sound quality of the board. The CRESCENDO is laid out in a really intuitive way and is very easy to get going on. We plugged in the mics and were amazed with the clean sound. Even the director poked his head in the audio booth to comment on the great sound which I have never seen one do!”


 The sale was completed by GMA who are also based in LA and will support the installation. “We are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with Touring Video” states GMA’s Co-Owner/Technical Director B. Morgan Martin. “This marks the first sale of the CRESCENDO in the US and confirms that the console is suited to the US market,” stated Rusty Waite, President of STAGETEC USA, “and we are hoping that more people continue to take notice of the features and build quality of our equipment to make their work life easier”.