tividoo - Live Transmission from Greenville Festival in Berlin


For this year's Greenville festival of 26-28th July 2013 near Berlin, tividoo was commissioned by TeleFactory to broadcast the live stream for ARTE LiveWeb, because on site at the festival was no reliable internet connection available.

Concerts of Gentleman, Wu-Tang Clan, the Kaiser Chiefs and many more had been transmitted live to the ARTE LiveWeb Page through the broadband connection of tividoo's "Internet on Wheels" vehicle using Eutelsat's Ka-Sat's technology and Viprinet Multichannel VPN routing.

The internet connection was also available for the upload of interviews to the Arte website and for editors communication via email, Facebook and Twitter.


Directly after each performance tividoo handed out a recording of each concert on a USB stick to the actors and organizers, recorded with the LGZ USB Recorder.

Highlights of the Greenville festival are still available at the ARTE LiveWeb Greenville festival website.