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Three Major French Broadcasters and Facilities Upgrade and Standardize on Grass Valley Kayenne XL Switcher Panels

“These are three tremendous orders for the Kayenne XL switcher panel," said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President for Grass Valley

Three high-profile production facilities in France – the studios of France Televisions and Canal+, and the outside broadcast trucks of Euromedia, have completed their migration to the Grass Valley™ Kayenne™ XL production switcher panels. These three major orders reaffirm Grass Valley’s position as leading supplier of high-end production switchers in France. The Kayenne XL switcher panel works with previously installed Kayak™ switcher electronics, significantly increasing the switcher's capabilities.


Canal+ has installed a 4.5 M/E Kayenne XL switcher panel in its studio 2 in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris. The switcher is equipped with the full range of options, including six keyers on each M/E bank and the extended DVE option giving a total of 20 channels of digital effects which can be used in any part of the program flow. The order also included a Grass Valley Trinix™ NXT router, which is tightly integrated with the Kayenne panel, allowing the switcher to access to source ID’s names managed from a single location.

“We have used Grass Valley switchers before, and that helps us with the transition to the Kayenne,” explained Ralf Atlan, Deputy Technical Director of Canal+. “Our operators can start using the new switcher with the Kayak panel already installed, and then move over to the more capable Kayenne panel when they are ready.”

France Televisions

France Televisions has installed two Kayenne XL switcher panels, again with the full range of functionality: 4.5 M/E, 96 inputs, 48 outputs, six keyers, 20 DVE channels, and an integral RAM clip recorder. One panel was installed in studio 3 in France Televisions’ current headquarters; the other was installed in a new building, to be called Valin. Again, a deciding factor was the natural extension of the existing Grass Valley Kayak switcher architecture – giving France Televisions the same operational philosophy, but with greatly enhanced capabilities.

“It is the Kayenne XL switcher panel that makes it a dream,” said Mokhtar Ait Naceur of France Televisions. “We first saw the new panel at IBC2008 which started the whole project for us. We have had DD35, XtenDD, and Kayak HD switchers from Grass Valley, and we are very much looking forward to putting all this extra power into action.”



Euromedia is one of the leading outside broadcast contractors in Europe and, to support its work at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, it re-equipped three of its largest trucks with Kayenne XL switcher panels. It was a tremendous indication of the confidence Euromedia places in Grass Valley products that the new panels should first be used when the eyes of the world were on the output of the trucks.

“We have a long and successful relationship with Grass Valley,” said Julien Schneider, CTO of Euromedia. “We use Grass Valley HD cameras exclusively, including the LDK 8000 and LDK 8300 1x/2x/3x Super SloMo cameras, and we have also used previous Grass Valley switchers. What the Kayenne panel gives us is a natural evolution from previous switchers but greater power, efficiency, and capacity.”

Grass Valley Statement

“These are three tremendous orders for the Kayenne XL switcher panel, coming at a time when the panel and the Kayenne Video Production Center switcher is achieving remarkable success around the world,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President for Grass Valley. “These orders underline a critical design decision we made when developing the Kayenne switcher, to create a switcher with unprecedented power and flexibility, which could do things that no other switcher can, but with the ability to use the Kayenne control panel with our Kayak switcher electronics to extend the Kayak's capabilities.

“Perhaps the most telling comment is that our sales staff finds it challenging to sell training to new Kayenne XL panel customers,” Rosica added. “Time and again they are told that operators already know 90% of how to use the new panel because it is a Grass Valley switcher panel.”


The Kayenne XL switcher panels went into service in the Euromedia trucks in time for the World Cup in June; the Canal+ studio went on air at the beginning of September in time for the French national football competition; and the first of the France Televisions studios will be on air later in the year.

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