Thai Channel Spring News Chooses VSN’s Solutions for Enhancing its Capabilities

Spring News, 100% dedicated to news broadcasting and one of the most important channels in Thailand, has chosen VSN’s solutions for enhancing its daily operations: VSNLIVECOM, VSN’s advanced and flexible MOS studio playout automation system for news and live events production, and VSNMULTICOM, playout software and continuity system that guarantees 24/7 seamless broadcast. VSNEXPLORER, VSN´s media management solution, has been integrated with Baton to automate quality control tests on the contents, a special requirement made by Spring News.

The Thai TV station required a powerful and robust solution for their News Room Control System (NRCS), since as a news channel total security when on air is crucial. To meet that demanding need, VSN has deployed its VSNLIVECOM solution, designed to guarantee an agile and safe workflow for the production of news and programs environments, at Spring News’ NRCS. Now, the journalists can edit the prompter text, search and add the associated clips and record the voice over in their favourite editor, until the piece is ready for broadcasting or for being sent to second screens and social networks, while the head of news production creates the rundown and assigns the different pieces to the journalist.

Included in the VSN main solutions is VSNEXPLORER PAM, VSN’s module for Production Asset Management that allows for movement, transcoding and media publishing tasks, among others, to be run in the background, allowing users to concentrate in what they do better: create contents. Spring News now benefits from VSN’s intelligent management of the storage, its integration with the majority of video editors, its project archiving capabilities and the collaborative work in low and high resolution it enhances.


To fully meet the need of Spring News, VSN carried out an important development for VSNEXPLORER, now totally integrated with Baton, a Quality Control (QC) software developed by Interra Systems.Thanks to this new integration, VSNEXPLORER, VSN’s MAM, offers the chance to run quality control tests with Baton, both manually and automatically, when the material is received. The result of the quality control report is saved as metadata, part of the asset. This was a special requirement of Spring News that was fulfilled in time for the project.

“Spring News is one of the most important news channels in Thailand, and we are very satisfied with the final result of VSN’s deployment. Thanks to VSNLIVECOM and VSNMULTICOM, journalists at Spring News have now the chance to dedicate more time to create quality contents, since VSN’s technology enhances internal workflows and increase productivity”, declares Jordi Utiel, VSN’s founder and CEO. “This is another great project we have develop in Thailand, a country we have a special interest in for the great opportunities it offers and where we are looking forward to work again”.