Televideo Taps Grass Valley Live HD Production Technologies for Mobile and Studio

Televideo S. A., a premiere production company in Bogota, Colombia, has purchased a wide variety of live production equipment from Grass Valley™ to improve the capabilities of its high-definition (HD) production studio and mobile production trucks. Videoelec S.A., Grass Valley’s local distributor, coordinated the deal. Both the studio and the trucks will be operational in April 2012, and ready to cover the Colombian Soccer League Games.

Televideo will outfit two outside broadcast (OB) vans, a new control room, and update its signal distribution infrastructure with a Grass Valley Karrera™ 1.5 M/E Video Production Center switcher, LDK 8000 Elite HD cameras with 3G Transmission, a Concerto™ Series router, and dozens of GeckoFlex™ signal processing modules. It will also upgrade two existing KayakDD™ switchers to full multi-format HD (1080i/720p) operation.

The new mobile production trucks, one of them pre-wired for up to 16 cameras, will feature Karrera and Kayak™ HD production switchers, 14 LDK 8000 Elite HD cameras with 3G Transmission, two LDK 8300 Live Super SloMo cameras, six K2 Dyno™ Replay Systems, a Concerto Series router, and a full complement of GeckoFlex™ modular gear.


“We have had great success with Grass Valley technologies in the past, and when the time came to upgrade today, while looking towards the future, we invested a lot of time researching and analyzing the market to make a choice” said Francisco Muñoz, President of Televideo S.A.  “It’s important that we offer our clients the most advanced technology, while we get the most value from it when working with a variety of clients with different needs. With Grass Valley we are assured of both.”

In addition to the two KayakDD production switchers that have now been upgraded to HD, the company regularly uses numerous LDK 400 SD cameras, LDK 4000 HD cameras, and a Turbo™ iDDR for its various projects.


"All over the world, and especially in Latin America which is one of our fastest growing regions, production companies, broadcasters, and service providers continue to return to Grass Valley as their business and technology needs change," said Jeff Rosica, Executive Vice President of Grass Valley. “This order from Televideo ensures them that they will be able to continue to meet their clients’ requirements and get great results, today and into the future.”

About Televideo S.A.
Televideo S. A. is a television production company founded in 1980, as amarket leader on the performance of Colombian television and international recognition. Throughout our history we have worked continuously to respondadequately to the challenges posed by the audiovisual industry. Always with an entrepenural attitud, we have offered quality and efficiency without losing theintent to learn and constantly renew. For 30 years we have managed to inspiresafety and confidence to customers and colleagues, and we have been taking into account for taking risks with innovative and groundbreaking projects. We were the first television production company in Colombia which acquired color video equipment, leading the foundation and assembly of regional channelsthat are now consolidated as Teleantioquia, Telepacifico and Teveandina, and were pioneers in producing documentaries for foreign channels such asDiscovery Channel and National Geographic.