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Telecast Products at the 2010 NAB Show

Telecast Fiber Systems

Telecast Fiber Systems, Inc., a Belden brand, is a leader in portable and fixed fiber optic systems for television broadcast production. Telecast systems accommodate all television production signals, including NTSC/PAL video, SDI and HD/SDI video, analog and AES/EBU audio, HD and triax camera interfaces, and intercom and data signals.

At this years NAB Telecast will feature its 3D capabilities, its TeleCube™ Modular Media Interface and the CopperHead™ 3000 Series

New 3D Capabilities

At this year's NAB Show, Telecast Fiber Systems will demonstrate fiber optic technology that powers the state-of-the-art 3-D cameras used in many of today's most exciting motion picture and sports productions. Using Telecast Fiber Systems technology, 3-D camera engineers have devised a system that enables the controlling electronics to be decoupled from the camera lenses. Connected by a fiber link, the lenses can be deployed far away from the electronics for difficult shots such as undersea scenes, and can be controlled independently of each other to create the highly realistic, stereoscopic 3-D effects that are rapidly transforming movie-making and audience expectations.

TeleCube™ Modular Media Interface

Making its NAB debut is Telecast Fiber Systems' patent-pending TeleCube™ Modular Media Interface (MMI) family of 3G transmitter and receiver modules. Developed specifically for OEM applications, the TeleCube MMI system offers broadcasters a highly flexible, cost-effective I/O solution for distribution of HD/SDI signals via fiber optics as well as copper cable. Combining a number of features such as lasers, detectors, EQ, and state-of-the-art line drivers and receivers in a compact, integrated package, each TeleCube MMI module allows a single I/O port to be configured as an input or output for either fiber or copper. By simply plugging a TeleCube onto any FPGA-based device, engineers can instantly configure the device for 3Gbps optical or electrical input and/or output. Thus, for a range of applications including HD monitors and displays, switchers and routers, cameras, and modular DAs, the TeleCube modules help lower engineering design costs and improve time-to-market for broadcast engineering solutions.


CopperHead™ 3000 Series

The CopperHead™ 3000 Series is the newest addition to Telecast Fiber Systems' patented CopperHead family of camera-mountable fiber optic camera transceivers. The CopperHead 3000 Series has been designed to offer a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications and users, and provides a single fiber optic link between any professional camera or camcorder and the broadcaster's truck, control room, or "video village" position. Representing the best of Telecast's award-winning fiber optic technologies, the CopperHead 3000 is designed to handle all vital camera signals and can be configured for specific applications such as ENG or multicamera use.

Company Overview

Telecast Fiber System's video, audio, and communications systems are used worldwide by TV networks, teleproduction companies, sports venues, and various private, educational, and government and military organizations to extend range, simplify cabling, and reduce labor costs and set-up time. For newsgathering and sports outside broadcasting, Telecast equipment offers unparalleled performance in OB vehicles and ENG/SNG vans. Major university sports A/V organizations have chosen the solutions for centralized control of video equipment and big screens in multiple venues. In large churches with sophisticated A/V and broadcasting studios, Telecast Fiber System's products offer a high-performance and yet cost-effective choice for signal transport. And now, as state-of-the-art 3-D technology continues to transform cinematography, Telecast is at the forefront with technology that extends the range and signal quality of today's most advanced 3-D cameras.