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Telecast Fiber Systems IBC 2011 Show Preview

Telecast Fiber Systems is the company known for its portable and fixed fiber optic systems for television broadcast production

"We're looking forward to showing IBC2011 attendees a number of new innovations – all based on customer input and designed to deliver maximum performance in a wide range of broadcast and cinema applications," said Steve DeFrancesco, vice president and general manager of Telecast Fiber Systems. "For instance, our new TR6442i is the result of several years of research and feedback from SNG, OB, and studio operations around the world, and has all of the features these broadcast professionals often need for rapid deployment of communications systems over long distances.

CopperHead™ Pro – Now Featuring a Versatile Return Video Path

The CopperHead™ Pro, Telecast's latest camera-mountable fiber optic transceiver system, is now shipping with a new analog return video path. The return video path can be used for return "program video" or for a genlock signal. The most affordable and economical CopperHead ever, the CopperHead Pro now features all of the signal paths needed for live, big-screen image magnification (I-MAG) applications in houses of worship, music venues, and corporate events. In addition, the CopperHead Pro can now be used in multicamera, studio-style applications. The signals transported by the system include the camera's pristine, uncompressed HD/SDI signal, along with the new analog return path, as well as camera control and intercom. The CopperHead Pro offers a versatile and affordable solution that leverages the light weight, high reliability, and superior quality of fiber cable for producing high-quality HD big-screen or multicamera productions.

TR6442i 'CommLink' Fiber Optic Intercom Link

At IBC2011, Telecast Fiber Systems will introduce the TR6442i (CommLink), a fiber-optic transceiver system designed to carry two intercom channels over a single strand of fiber across distances of more than 40 km. Ideal for outside broadcasting (OB), the CommLink features the industry's most advanced auto-nulling hybrid technology, making it easy to interface with industry-standard party-line and matrix-style intercom systems. When in two-wire mode, the CommLink will extend two channels of a Clear-Com® party-line system or an RTS™ two-wire intercom system. When no intercom power supply is available, the CommLink transceiver will act as a power supply for up to five intercom belt packs.

In four-wire mode, the system creates a fiber optic connection from a matrix frame to two remote matrix stations, using either Clear-Com Matrix Plus™ or RTS ADAM (Advanced Digital Audio Matrix), Cronus, or Zeus systems. All remote matrix stations are fully functional, with illuminated alphanumeric displays and call signaling.

Alternately, the CommLink system's auto-nulling hybrid permits the easy interconnection of two-wire intercom to four-wire systems, featuring the fastest, easiest setup of any two-wire-to-four-wire hybrid in the industry. In addition, each end of the system can act as a standalone two-wire-to-four-wire interface, permitting connection of a four-wire intercom matrix to a two-wire intercom system or a series of standalone belt packs.


Cobra™ II

The Telecast Fiber Systems Cobra™ II is the first technology that permits extension of the industry's new digital triax-based camera chains using simple, inexpensive fiber optic cable. The Cobra II system extends Sony's new high-definition triax camera chains, such as the HXC-100K and HSC-300K, to enable their use over durable, lightweight tactical fiber or within an installed fiber optic infrastructure. Use cases include an installation around a building, across a campus, or even 20 km across town using metropolitan "dark fiber." Using Telecast's TelePort™ systems, several digital triax cameras can be "muxed" over a long distance onto a single pair of fibers, permitting production options never before possible — all at the lowest pricing Telecast has ever been able to offer for triax-to-fiber technology.

Thor-CBL-HDMI and Thor-CBL-DP

Telecast Fiber Systems will unveil two new members of its recently announced Thor family of fiber optic interfaces for conversion and handling of DVI signals in a wide range of broadcasting and professional A/V applications. The Thor-CBL-HDMI is a hybrid cable solution using multimode fibers for RGB and high-speed digital graphic signals, and copper wires for low-frequency HDCP control signals. The Thor-CBL DisplayPort (DP) provides an attractive alternative to digital display interfaces such as HDMI and DVI. Both systems harness optical technology for transmissions that stretch performance beyond the limitations of copper wire by spanning greater distances, providing data security and negligible RFI/EM, and eliminating costly analog distribution systems. The Thor-CBL-HDMI and Thor CBL-DP join the other members of the Thor product line, including the Thor-S, which is a combination multiplexer, repeater, and crosspoint switcher; the Thor-C line of analog converters and extenders; and two fiber optic extenders: the Thor-EU for uncompressed video signals, and the Thor-E for compressed DVI signals.