Tektronix at IBC 2010

Tektronix at Stand 8.C75

IBC visitors have the chance to take a closer look at Tekronix' latest test and monitoring tools.


Mixed Signals Product Line

Cutting Edge Technology for Comprehensive Video Monitoring - Mixed Signals’ award-winning, comprehensive, digital content monitoring solutions support the most advanced digital networks. Ensure the quality of the viewing experience for your subscribers, increase uptime and reduce operational expenditures with our advanced digital monitoring solutions.

Industry Leading 3G-SDI Support with the New WVR8000 Series

The new WVR8200 and WVR8300 SD/HD/3G-SDI rasterizers incorporate the Tektronix toolkit of patented displays essential in color correction and content editing during post production. The new Spearhead display provides a new tool for color grading, allowing colorists and editors to make precise color adjustments and enhancements to the content to achieve artistic excellence, while maintaining color gamut compliance to prevent loss and distortion of color fidelity of the content during subsequent workflow. The Luma Qualified Vector (LQV) display allows users to identify color components in terms of shadows, mid tones and highlights within multiple LQV displays.


WFM8200 and WFM8300 SD/HD/3G-SDI Advanced Waveform Monitors

The WFM8200 and WFM8300 SD/HD/3G-SDI advanced waveform monitors are new high-performance instruments that provide real-time, automated 3G-SDI Eye pattern display and jitter measurements that help broadcasters and network operators effectively diagnose signal problems and help equipment designers and manufacturers reduce time to market for new 3G-SDI products. This is made possible by the industry’s most comprehensive physical layer measurements including automated 3G-SDI Eye pattern parameters and jitter measurements as well as jitter waveform display and cable length measurements. Together with the TG700 advanced 3G-SDI Generator module, Tektronix offers a complete solution to 3G-SDI design and test for equipment manufacturers.

WVR/WFM7120 Waveform Monitors with Enhanced Audio Loudness

Building upon its current loudness measurement capability, Tektronix now offers WFM6000/7000 and WVR6000/7000 Series customers new firmware and software upgrades that adhere to ATSC A/85 Recommended Practice for Establishing and Maintaining Audio Loudness. Tektronix added the Audio Loudness Meter and the Audio Loudness Session Display (including audio loudness trend chart) which, when viewed in conjunction with the previously available Audio Level Meters and Audio Status displays, provides the most comprehensive audio.


Detect Real Time QoE Video Quality Impairments

VQS1000 Video Quality software detects QoE video impairments like stuck, black, macro-blocking and blocky compression artifacts. This software can monitor impairments in real time when used together with the MTM400A, RFM300, IPM400A, and QAM400A Digital TV network probes. This software can also be used to analyze any Transport Stream file for off line analysis of QoE video impairments.

Network Probe Family Now Tests Ingest to Edge

The QAM400A provides a complete solution for real-time transmission monitoring of MPEG Transport Streams over RF and ASI interfaces. Powerful confidence monitoring capability and deep diagnostic measurements are both combined into a single integrated solution, enabling cable operators to deliver superior QoS levels with reduced operational expenditure


Cerify® PC Software Now Tests Apple's ProRes File Format

Cerify PC software, now compatible with Apple's ProRes file format and other standards, automatically compares incoming video files against user-defined quality templates. With Cerify, content owners, post-production houses, and aggregators can use the same template (on one or multiple files at a time) to QC their product, reducing rejected content and churn.

Tektronix TG700 GPS7 Module Adds New Genlock Capability Suited for OB Van Applications

The TG700 Sync Pulse Generator with the GPS7 Module now provides a new user-selectable genlock function in either a master or Slave configuration. This is useful for Outside Broadcasts that involve multiple trucks, so that one truck can now be the master for one production and a slave for the next.


Tektronix Showcases Enhancements on MTS400P, MTS415, MTS430 and MTS4SA

Available as a free download to everyone currently using MTS400P, MTS415, MTS430 and MTS4SA v.1.7, customers now have new feature enhancements which include some of the following: new error analysis types, ATSC Meta Data Analysis, Transport Stream Timing, Ethernet Layer Analysis (requires GBE option), Multiplexer Updates, and other features such as batch mode TSCA and PID Filtered Recording.

VQNet Video Service Assurance Manager and IPM400A Network Probe Ensure Superior Video Quality of Service

The new VQNet™ Video Service Assurance Manager and IPM400A network probe, are designed to empower cable, telco and broadcast operators to proactively detect and resolve customer impacting problems across their IP networks.