Studio Technologies Introduces Portable Truck-End Unit for Its Live-Link Mini Camera Interface System

studio technologies introduces portable truck-end UNIT FOR ITS  live-link™ mini camera interface system

New, Compact Version Optimal for Field Applications

Studio Technologies, manufacturer of high-quality audio, video and fiber-optic solutions, introduces a new, portable truck-end unit for its Live-Link™ Mini Remote Camera Interface System. The compact device is the latest addition to the company’s existing, powerful Live-Link Mini camera extender system. Broadcasters now have three options to interconnect with the system’s compact camera-end unit, including two rack-mount truck-end units and the new portable truck-end version. Each allows a system to be optimized to get the right “fit” for a wide range of applications.

Live-Link Mini provides all the resources needed for a range of single-camera live events. Interconnected through one single-mode optical fiber, the system delivers the same, solid performance whether the camera-end and truck-end units are hundreds of feet or miles apart.

“The addition of the portable truck-end unit to the Live-Link Mini system offers a feature set that is optimized for field applications where easy setup, fast configuration, compact size and battery operation are important,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “The Live-Link Mini line was born from industry input, and this new form-factor is a response to feedback from engineers and camera operators in the field. Used together, the portable camera- and truck-end versions maintain the goal of a cost-effective solution while providing excellent video, audio and intercom quality.”


Housed in a lightweight aluminum enclosure that includes an integrated carry handle, the portable truck-end unit weighs less than four pounds, making it well-suited for “run-and-gun” operations in which the quick transport and setup of broadcast equipment is essential. Highlights of the unit include dual SDI outputs (active “mults”), two analog de-embed audio outputs and dual-channel party-line (PL) intercom support. The PL intercom interface can provide power for user belt packs or can be connected to an existing powered system.

For flexibility, the portable truck-end unit can be powered by two DC power sources. A 4-pin XLR connector on the front panel allows a 12 Vdc power supply to be connected. A battery mount, located on the back of the unit's cover, is compatible with industry-leading Anton/Bauer® batteries. An optional V-Mount battery mount can be provided to allow for use of other broadcast-standard rechargeable batteries.


The Live Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System offers one SDI path in each direction, supporting a wide range of SD-, HD- and 3G video signals making it an ideal camera extender system for electronic news gathering (ENG), uplink truck and specialized broadcast, corporate and education applications. For quick and reliable field deployment, the camera- and truck-end units interconnect using one single-mode optical fiber. Standard optical, video and audio connectors are used throughout. Unlike other systems from the Live-Link family, “Mini’s” camera-end unit relies on the associated camera or camcorder to embed on-air audio signals into audio group 1 of the source SDI signal. This minimizes the camera-end unit’s size, reduces cost and simplifies setup. The embedded audio signals are then transported, along with picture data, to the associated Live-Link Mini truck-end unit.

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