[Sponsored Post] Optimal system interoperability for an efficient broadcast workflow

Optimal system interoperability for an efficient broadcast workflow

To create a smart broadcast workflow, it is absolutely essential to seamlessly integrate all the systems that are involved. Such an ideal IT integration into the broadcast world is delivered by the KVM systems from the German manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D). G&D offers a broad KVM portfolio where all the elements can be combined with each other, showing that large and distributed IT installations can indeed be connected efficiently with original broadcast equipment and can therefore simplify the work of broadcast professionals. The KVM matrix switches are the backbone of the relevant computer technology, as they provide producers with flexible, distributed access to outsourced servers – remotely, without latency or delays and with excellent video quality.

Strong team players in a typical broadcasting network
G&D systems can also be superbly combined with existing broadcasting, control and monitoring systems, thus ensuring standardized operation while pooling and simplifying complex multi-stage processes. G&D systems allow perfect interaction with the KSC broadcast control systems from BFE, VSM from Lawo, Cerebrum from Axon (EVS), to name but a few. Also, G&D has been a member of the Grass Valley Technology Alliance for many years, making it a perfect team player with the Ignite system. Thanks to seamless interaction between heterogeneous systems, it is possible to simplify the operation of complex scenarios. This means that the producer can access the right equipment at all times and switch any target to a connected workplace.

G&D’s new addition ensures unlimited flexibility and individual layouts for different video inputs
G&D has added a new and exciting element to its portfolio: the PersonalWorkplace-Controller. Depending on the application, this multi-viewing tool allows the display and operation of up to 26 video sources on a single monitor. Broadcasting specialists benefit from an almost infinitely flexible layout with an individual working range and  high image quality of up to 4K60. The device optimizes the broadcast workflow, e.g. within the master control room, where several signals need to be visible. The combination of a KVM system with the PWC thus ensures secure, efficient and flexible access to all the relevant computer systems. The PersonalWorkplace-Controller also allows the display of sources on a large video wall, as well as consoles via streams on various devices, such as a laptop or tablet computer.


Smaller, more compact and more powerful – the new VisionXS offers a great user experience.
The KVM expert G&D is launching its absolute innovation in matters of IP transmission: the high-performance KVM-over-IP extender VisionXS. The new IP extender uses standard networks with bandwidths of up to 10 Gbits and thus far less compression. bluedec™ – G&D’s proprietary video compression – transmits lossless video resolutions at up to 4K60, thus delivering pixel-perfect, authentic images and improving the user experience many times over. One special highlight is the integrated switch functionality IP-MUX where one console device manages several target IP addresses of up to 20 computer sources without any additional hardware. VisionXS thus offers smart application while requiring a minimum of effort, as simple applications allow the user to switch to different sources via the on-screen display. This has the benefit of reducing the workload, requiring fewer devices and being smart to use.

As always with G&D, the new devices are fully compatible with previous products. Thanks to the wide-ranging compatibility of KVM systems, suitable solutions are available for all applications. This provides even more planning security, so that installations can be expanded quickly and easily, even at a later stage.