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Sony Next Generation of SRMASTER Technology

Revolutionary SRMASTER product line-up and the continued evolution of the SR file-based workflow

At NAB 2011 Sony has demonstrated the continued evolution of its HDCAM-SR technology into a file-based workflow. Among the innovative new products on display at NAB under the umbrella of the SRMASTER platform are: Sony’s SRMASTER Studio Deck, multiple SRMASTER portable field recorders, an SRMASTER Data Transfer Unit, the SRMASTER camcorder, as well as SRMemory media.

“The HDCAM-SR format is well entrenched in the post production industry and is the de-facto standard for mastering, on-set recording and deliverables,” said Peter Sykes, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Professional, Sony Europe. “Sony is firmly committed to file-based production, and we are continuing to develop the SR workflow with the launch of these innovative products. This is the next generation of the format.”

Through SRMASTER, Sony is making the SR Codec available as a file for the first time. The same compression scheme that resides on the HDCAM-SR Digital tape is now available as data files for native post production workflows. This includes SR-Lite 220Mbps, the visually lossless SR-SQ 440Mbps, and SR-HQ 880Mbps.

Sony is also actively working with vendors to support the SR File, and the codec is already supported for direct to edit workflow with Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, Blackmagic Davinci, FilmLight and others.


“It’s part of a hybrid strategy to give professionals the best of both the tape and file-based worlds – while at the same time offering security, inter-operability, flexibility and scalability,” Sykes said. “SR has always been inherently file-based in nature; the incorporation of solid-state media simply enhances the format’s inherent file-based design and brings SR’s proven quality to an even wider audience. The same on-set recording and mastering standard can now be natively accessed as a file.”

The addition of new SRMemory solid state media will deliver rapid transfer rates of 5 Gbp/s sustained speeds, and storage capacity of 256MB, 512MB, and up to 1TB. The SRMemory solid state media is robust and extremely secure, with powerful data protection. It is therefore ideal media for future high-end production, with native acquisition capabilities for applications such as 3D 1080p and higher resolutions up to true 4K and beyond.

SRMASTER Camcorder - SR-M9000PL & M9000

• SRMemory version of SRW-9000PL and SRW-9000
• File-based recording
• SR-HQ/SQ/Lite and DPX (uncompressed) recording
• RGB 4:4:4 10/12 bit recording
• SR Motion – 1~50P(60P) variable frame rate
• S-Log gamma
• Max 16ch audio input via HKSR-9001


SR Memory Studio Deck - SR-R1000

The SR-R1000 is a multi-channel storage system that can simultaneously record and playback up to 4 channels of dual- stream HD video signals.

• 4-slots of removable SRMemory storage
Flexible dual-stream x 4ch HD I/O configuration
• Superb picture quality - SR-Lite 220Mbps; SR-SQ  440Mbps; SR-HQ 880Mbps; DPX (Uncompressed);  1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 2K & 4K
Up to 16 channels of  uncompressed audio
• 24-bit, 48Khz(16 Ch) or 96KHz (8 Ch)
• MXF file transfer over GbE (10GbE future option)
• Up to 8TB of internal memory (future option)

SRMASTER Data Transfer Unit - SRPC-5

• Compact 1RU interface unit for file transfer & backup
• Stand alone operation–    Fast ingest to NLE/server–    Viewing via built-in Web GUI
• High-speed file transfer –    From memory or tape over 10GbE–    3G-SDI and HD-SDI outputs–    Data backup to HDCAM-SR digital tape at 2x real time
• Direct control from SRW-5800/2–    SRMemory to tape backup


SR-R1 - General Purpose Field Recorder (PMW-F3 Companion)

• MPEG4 SStP (Simple Studio Profile) SRFile
• SR-Lite 220Mbps and SR-SQ 440Mbps – HD-SDI/3G-SDI dual-link In/Out–    SR-HQ 880Mbps and Uncompressed DPX recording (future option)
• 10bit 4:2:2 or 10/12bit RGB 4:4:4 recording
• 4:2:2 1080 50p/60p recording
• 3D stereoscopic (dual-stream) recording – 1080 30p 4:2:2 3D and 1080 30p RGB 4:4:4 3D
• 16 channels uncompressed audio, Time code In/Out, Remote Control Panel, RS-422 remote control

SR-R3 - F23/F35 Companion Recorder

• Up to 1080 4:4:4 60 fps (Select FPS; F35: 1 to 50fps; F23: 1 to 60fps)
• Supports all SRW-1 signal formats and more: – SR-Lite 220Mbps – Uncompressed DPX recording – RGB 4:4:4 12-bit recording