Sony Boots Remote Camera Line-up with New Flagship Model

Sony raises performance of remote cameras with ultra-high resolution BRC-H900 equipped with three ½ type Exmor™ CMOS Sensors

Remote cameras can now shoot in high resolution with Sony’s latest flagship BRC-H900 equipped with three ½ type Exmor™ CMOS sensors, full-HD with 1000 TVL (horizontal) in HD-SDI mode, excellent sensitivity of F10 and a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 50dB.

The BRC-H900 sets the bar high with the three ½ type CMOS sensors, each with an effective pixel count of 2.07Mega pixels (x3) to deliver stunning picture detail. With powerful 14x optical zoom and an innovative image stabilization feature, the BRC-H900 meets the demands of capturing superb quality footage in full-HD resolution even in large venues such as auditoriums, large meeting rooms, studios, concert halls and sporting arenas.

The ultra-sensitivity of F10 and remarkable illumination of 4 lux will be a huge advantage in low light situations and can utilize its innovative technology to compensate in shooting environments with extreme variable lighting – such as outdoor shoots as well as concerts where lighting situations are never constant.


To refine your footage further, the BRC-H900 is feature rich in colour and lighting adjustment functions allowing for tweaks in Colour Matrix/Detail, Gamma Level/Black Gamma, and Knee Point/Slope/SAT Level. This gives the option of fine-tuning, allowing enhanced creativity to achieve the desired look and feel of video with precision.

“Sony has set the bar high for the performance standards of remote cameras with the ultra-high resolution BRC-H900 – making it a cost compelling solution yet highly functional way of shooting with less manpower. Feature and function-rich, this remote camera provides utmost confidence of shooting great quality footage and the option to fine-tune further with the host of adjustment functions typically found on Sony’s industry leading professional broadcast cameras,” said Claus Pfeifer, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Europe.


The BRC-H900 features HD/SD-SDI outputs for extreme versatility and multi-system use. Installation is a breeze and the smooth, quiet camera operates on its own with little fuss, offering peace of mind for the operator back in the studio. For enhanced operability, tally lights, visible in the front and rear of the camera, provide status indication from more angles.

For outdoor shoots with a long distance transmission of the video signal, the BRC-H900 can be used with optical transmission unit BRU-SF10.

To further boost the capability of the BRC-H900, Sony will announce the IP control function which enables control of several BRC-H900s with remote controllers in 2012.

The BRC-H900 will ship in May 2012.