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Sonnet Introduces SDHC Memory Card to SxS Adapter

Adapter Enables Use of Readily Available SDHC™ Memory Cards in Place of SxS Media

Sonnet Technologies today introduced its SDHC™ Adapter for SxS Camera Slot, designed expressly for use in Sony® XDCAM camcorders, which use SxS memory cards for recording. This Sonnet adapter enables the use of Class 10 and faster SDHC memory cards in place of SxS memory cards, supporting the performance required for HD recording modes while allowing users to save hundreds of dollars on the purchase of memory cards in equivalent capacities.

Sonnet's SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot offers Sony XDCAM camcorder users an affordable and useful alternative to using SxS memory cards for recording. Available at the price of a single SxS card, the Sonnet adapter and several high-quality SDHC memory cards empower users to shoot longer without having to offload footage, reformat, and reuse the same SxS card.

Sonnet's SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot is the same size as an SxS memory card and, unlike standard memory card adapters, allows the SDHC card to fit flush inside its shell. This critical feature makes the Sonnet adapter interchangeable with SxS cards, and it ensures that the camcorder's memory card slot door closes completely with the adapter inserted. Because SxS cards share the same form factor and interface as ExpressCard®/34 adapters, the Sonnet adapter can be inserted directly into a notebook computer's ExpressCard slot to read the SDHC card. For users whose computers lack an ExpressCard slot, the SDHC card can be read in any SDHC card reader.


The SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot (part number SD-SXS-E34) is available now with the suggested retail price of USD $49.95.

The SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slots


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