Snell at NATEXPO 2013


Snell will feature a range of playout automation, production switching, and infrastructure solutions designed to offer the highest levels of performance and quality at attractive price points. These include the new ICE-LE channel-in-a-box system; the Kahuna Flare production switcher, which offers up to four M/Es at an economical price; Snell's flexible-port, fiber/coax Vega and the Sirius 830 advanced hybrid routers; plus the latest from the IQ Modular range.

"As the largest event of its kind across Russia and CIS, NATEXPO is an ideal opportunity for us to show our long-standing partners how our world-class solutions can meet their stringent operational and budget requirements, while also providing a smooth upgrade path in today's rapidly evolving broadcast landscape. Snell is committed to delivering acclaimed top quality, flexibility, and performance at remarkably low prices, and we look forward to showcasing their value to NATEXPO attendees." — Andrey Velichko, Head of Sales, CIS and Baltic region, Snell

Kahuna Flare — Midrange Multi-Format Production Switcher With 1080p Functionality
Kahuna Flare is the first midrange switcher to offer single-link 1080p support alongside SD and HD formats at no extra cost — making it ideal for over-the-air broadcasts, IP or Internet delivery platforms, and even large progressive-screen presentations. With versions ranging from two M/E to four M/E, Kahuna Flare offers four keyers per M/E and up to four channels of 3D DVE, all in a single 6RU frame. The system comes standard with 48 inputs and 24 outputs, expandable to 60 inputs and 32 outputs. Snell's unique FormatFusion3 technology gives Kahuna Flare users exceptional versatility in working with multiple signal formats, enabling them to mix SD, HD, and 1080p inputs and outputs simultaneously as required to meet any distribution need.


ICE Channel-in-a-Box — Versatile New Configurations Pack Even More Functionality Into Less Space 
Snell has added new configurations to its industry-leading ICE channel-in-a-box family. ICE LE is a new 1RU version of ICE that provides the advanced functionality of the latest version 4.0 software in a smaller, more cost-effective footprint and with a streamlined feature set — making it ideal for smaller operations or simple video-server technology-refresh projects. The core ICE product is now available as a standard 2RU system, requiring a third less space than the previous hardware platform with no sacrifice in functionality; in fact, the new box has twice the 2D/3D graphics capability as was previously available.

Vega Asymmetric Router — Now Available With AES Digital Audio I/O
The Vega 2RU 96-port and 4RU 192-port routers provide compact video and audio solutions with choice of copper and/or fiber interfacing. With its new I/O card, Vega can now route AES digital signals, with support for data rates up to 96KHz, full-channel routing capability, and rate conversion on all ports. Each rate converter can be independently enabled or bypassed. In addition, Vega can now be configured as an all-audio router or as a mixture of SDI video and AES audio.


Sirius 800 Series Hybrid Routers — Wealth of New Functionality Takes Routing/Processing to a Whole New Level
The Sirius 800 family of enterprise-class routing switchers now features frame synchronization on the units' Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP) input and output modules. The resulting router architecture enables synchronization, clean switching, and independent routing and processing of audio and video signals with no restrictions on signal formats, timing, or number of audio channels. A line synchronization mode allows retiming and clean switching with minimal delay. Unique audio phasing control ensures constant delay and guaranteed cotiming of multi-channel audio for all "same format" signals across the whole router. In addition, a single reference for switching all formats simplifies system design.

Numerous control updates include full dial-up support for audio track routing and control from a wide range of BPX, XY, dial-up, and LCD button panels.

IQ Modular Range of Format Converters Including Dual-Channel Conversion
Snell is introducing a new range of IQ Modular format converters to provide a balance of broadcast quality conversion at an affordable price, with space-efficient dual-channel options. This range of 14 cost-effective video format converter modules combines high-quality conversion of common SD, HD, and 3Gbps formats along with a host of video, audio, and metadata functions, with flexible input and output options to suit most applications.


3Gbps Intelligent Monitoring and New A/V Timing Solutions
Snell is highlighting its range of 3Gbps-capable intelligent monitoring and lip-sync detection solutions engineered to meet the need for increasingly advanced and automated monitoring. Suitable for both local and remote site applications, Hyperion is a signal-monitoring technology that helps operators monitor content more efficiently. Snell is now adding to this technology with the IQSAM Signal Assurance Monitor, an automated system for detecting audio/video timing errors in a live environment.

RollCall — Control and Monitoring With New Loudness Measurement Tools
Snell has introduced an EBU-R128-compliant loudness meter and monitoring GUI into its RollCall control and monitoring system. Able to display the live loudness values graphically, it also includes a history log that allows the user to scroll back and analyze the loudness levels from the start of a recording via start, stop, and reset controls. When RollCall is partnered with the Snell RollMap network management software, users can also generate loudness logging reports.


Snell is a leading innovator in digital media technology, providing broadcasters and global media companies with a comprehensive range of solutions for creating, managing, and streamlining the distribution of content for today's multi-screen world. Specializing in TV Everywhere and Live TV applications, Snell provides the necessary tools to transition seamlessly and cost-effectively to 4K UHDTV, file-based, and 3Gbps operations, while enabling broadcasters to monetize and deliver their media assets across multiple distribution platforms. Headquartered in the U.K., Snell serves more than 2,000 broadcasters, post facilities, and global media companies in more than 100 countries through its worldwide team of sales and support personnel.