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SIS LIVE Launches New uPak Flat-Panel Antenna Unit

uPak Flat-Panel Antenna Unit

At NAB 2010 in Las Vegas, SIS LIVE unveiled uPak, a new Ku-band flat-panel antenna system for satellite contribution at low data rates. uPak, which weighs less than 50lbs (23kgs) and fits in a single IATA compliant case, is designed for users to send live video, data or voice communications via satellite. The system is designed to work at between 512kb/s and 1024Kb/s upstream, and up to 10Mb/s downstream, making it ideal for broadcasters, NGOs and military applications.

Easy-to-use, lightweight satellite uplink system gives greater bandwidth at the touch of a button

uPak is unique compared to other flat plate antennas in that it is smaller and more powerful than anything else on the market whilst being fully automated. The system locks onto the satellite automatically, with no manual pointing required, making it extremely easy to use. SIS LIVE has designed uPak to be user-friendly, allowing NGOs and military users to establish secure data and voice communications with a one-button operation, or for a broadcast cameraman to set-up quickly and be the first to send live video contributions from a breaking news story.

David Meynell, Managing Director, SIS LIVE, says: “uPak is the first one-button flat plate antenna aimed at a variety of field applications, offering full Ku-band coverage and fully automated operation. It combines an advanced antenna design with the latest compression technologies to transmit high quality video at low data rates. uPak is perfect for users who want a low cost, compact solution for critical data and voice communications or live video contributions that is far easier to use than anything else on the market.”

With an integrated iDirect modem, uPak users have access to SIS LIVE’s worldwide satellite capacity. The system has been built to withstand the tough conditions in the field, with an operational temperature specification of between -4ºF to +140ºF (–20 to +60ºC), weatherproof to IP65, MIL STD 810F compliant and measures just 19.7” x 13.4” x 12” (500mm x 340mm x 305mm).

Mark Shadbolt, Sales Director, SIS LIVE, says:” uPak is a very small, compact, lightweight solution. It has none of the potential mechanical issues that can be associated with a parabolic antenna. It is packaged in one box and unlike some other small, lightweight systems, isn’t limited to one, high cost satellite and can access any Ku band satellite, from any provider, fixed or inclined, significantly reducing operating costs. It also has low power consumption and hence greater battery life.”

Shadbolt continues: “For broadcast news applications, imagine a cameraman is on site and setting up a critical shot and connection for live transmission. He does not want to spend time unpacking and then manually searching for the satellite. He would prefer to use the simplest and most efficient system available, and get the first shots from the scene live from the breaking news story. For the military, uPak allows you to set up a data connection in the field for critical telephone and data communications circuits, press one button to deploy the antenna and then get on with other duties. The system is unique, no manual pointing is required, it is quick to set up and unpack, and with one-button operation it automatically acquires the satellite quickly. This is unique and will enable military personnel to continue with their critical duties whilst relying on uPak to set up the communications for them”.


SIS is one of the world’s leading companies in the television broadcasting industry. It is the foremost supplier of television programming and data services to the UK and Ireland betting industry. The company’s broadcast business, SIS LIVE, has the largest satellite uplink fleet in Europe and is the largest outside broadcast provider in the UK. It offers a complete broadcasting solution from onsite outside broadcast facilities through to global distribution and IP provision. The company covers 100,000 hours of live events worldwide each year, including Formula One, The Wimbledon Championships, UEFA Champions League football and European Tour Golf, and delivers approximately 80% of live news feeds across the UK.