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Shotoku Broadcast Systems Presented Enhanced, High Capacity Robotic Camera Control Systems At NAB 2010

TRP-100 Fully Robotic Studio Pedestal

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a well-established leader in both manual and robotic camera support, was presenting a compliment of high-capacity control panels with a series of new features including SD/HD support, wide screen layout, and customizable display options. Shotoku is also targeting single-operator productions with a uniquely small but high-precision unit. The panels were shown alongside the Company’s Orchestra Camera Management System, now available with an integrated live-video touch screen option, its flagship TRP-100 fully robotic studio pedestal, and its full range of robotic and VR sensor Pan/Tilt heads.

NEW Features: TR-T Touch Control System

The TR-T system, the latest generation touch control panel capable of controlling both Shotoku and third party robotic cameras systems, is now also available in 16:9 widescreen configuration making it ideal for use in HD studio environments as it integrates with most HD/SDI routers. The high-resolution widescreen VGA touch screen uses the latest seamless glass Acoustic Pulse technology to provide exceptional accuracy and durability over many years of intensive use without ever needing recalibrating. Further enhancements to the system include a completely configurable screen layout supporting 16 cameras, able to be controlled by a single operator position, and displayed in any configuration to suit the particular requirements of the program.

The TR-T panel style uses multicolored illuminated keys to communicate system status and control settings, with the same high precision joystick for ultra-smooth on-air control that has become the trademark of a Shotoku system.

The TR-T is compatible with all Shotoku heads as well as third party systems as part of the Phoenix control solution. Phoenix allows existing robotics users to choose their own upgrade pace by replacing obsolete control system hardware and software with up-to-date technology while leaving the core electro-mechanical subsystems.

NEW Product: TR-HP Hot Panel

The very latest control panel from Shotoku, the TR-HP, offers a uniquely small footprint while maintaining high-precision joystick control. The three-axis joystick and rotary control knob enables the operator to make perfect on-air movements of pan, tilt, zoom and focus. With up to 12 assignable, LED-illuminated keys, several switch functions are also available.

The Hot Panel is ideal for highly cost effective single-operator productions where stored camera positions may be recalled automatically, with final on-air framing made by a single, multi-tasking operator. A selectable “Auto On-Air” function ensures the panel is always in control of the on air camera, making operation even more straightforward.

Three Hot Panels may be mounted together in a 19” panel frame, providing the added system feature of dedicated, “always-on” joystick control of multiple cameras. Instant control of a camera is guaranteed as each joystick remains permanently selected to the camera.

One or more TR-HP Hot Panels may be combined with any of Shotoku’s control systems and integrates directly with the simple Ethernet control network.


NEW Features: TR-S High Capacity Flexible Control Panel

The flexible Type-S is a high capacity remote control panel that expands to support up to 16 camera channels making it ideal for even the largest parliament, legislature, or TV studio systems. New setup facilities enable key features and performance characteristics to be modified from the control panel itself. The TR-S uses the same advanced features and intuitive interface as the Company’s standard TR-8S but includes state-of-the-art panel keys, clear, bright LED illumination displays, and a high contrast LCD that indicates the current status of all cameras in the system. The Type-S panel integrates with all Shotoku remote pan and tilt heads.

TRP-100 Fully Robotic Studio Pedestal

Shotoku’s compact and powerful TRP-100 fully robotic studio pedestal is ideal for all studio applications including news, sports, and current affairs. The TRP-100 supports any payload up to 220 lbs. (100Kgs) while gliding through 2.5 feet (750mm) of elevation at up to 1 foot (300mm) per second. Its advanced navigation and full manual override exemplify its ability to extend the boundaries of traditional robotic camera control. The user friendly TRP-100 incorporates Shotoku’s unique design for fast, smooth movements while maintaining accuracy and repeatability and also supports advanced virtual studio tracking applications. Controlled by the innovative Shotoku TR-T Control System, the TRP-100 pedestal allows full X,Y, and height camera movement in conjunction with conventional pan and tilt motion. The sophisticated navigation system is easily calibrated within seconds using a simple target-tile placed anywhere on the studio floor.

The pedestal’s pneumatically balanced, three-stage height mechanism is based upon the same high-performance sub-system used on the Company’s popular and award-winning manual pedestals such as the TP-80 and TP-90.

Dual level safety systems prevent collisions and compliment the more conventional bumper system that halts the pedestal when an obstruction is reached. A clear LCD touch panel display provides local information and status for easy diagnostics and configuration.


About Shotoku Broadcast Systems

Shotoku Broadcast Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and marketing of a full range of camera support products with emphasis on manual and remote controlled pedestals and pan/tilt heads for the television broadcast industry. The Company also provides camera control systems capable of interfacing with third party remote camera equipment. Shotoku maintains headquarters in Japan and operates offices in Staines, UK and Torrance, CA.