Sennheiser UK Shows Monitors and Shotgun Microphones at BVE London

Highlights will be the award winning Neumann KH120 studio monitors and the MKH 8060 short gun and MKH 8070 long gun microphones

Following intense interest at BVE North, Sennheiser UK is set to take a  comprehensive range of equipment to BVE London, being held from 14-16 February at London’s Earls Court 2. This includes Sennheiser and Neumann’s industry-leading analogue and digital microphones, wireless systems, headphones and monitoring products.

Particular highlights will be the award winning Neumann KH120 studio monitors and the new MKH 8060 short gun and MKH 8070 long gun microphones.

Designed for use as a near-field loudspeaker or as a rear loudspeaker in larger multi-channel systems, the KH 120 represents Neumann’s use of the very latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

Featuring a Mathematically Modelled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide, flexible acoustic controls, analogue class-AB amplifiers, a number of input formats and an extensive range of mounting hardware, the KH 120 provides the maximum versatility for a wide variety of acoustic conditions, source equipment and physical spaces.

Perfect for tracking, mixing and mastering in music, broadcast, project and post-production studios, the KH 120 is the first in a new line of Neumann studio monitors, taking this type of product to a new level.


Also present for Neumann will be a selection of both analogue and digital microphones including the TLM 103D, KM 184D and the KMS 105D. These, along with the KH 120 monitor speakers, will be demonstrated in conjunction with a DiGiCo SD9 digital mixing console with AES 42 capability, to fully demonstrate the power and clarity of the digital mic revolution.

MKH series shotgun microphones, meanwhile, can be used either as analogue or digital microphones. On show will be the latest additions to the MKH range, the compact MKH 8060 versatile short gun microphone, equally at home on or off camera, and the long MKH 8070 rifle microphone, a specialist for more distant sound sources and the perfect choice for sports reporting and nature recordings.

Both models feature a natural and very lifelike sound, as off-axis sound is attenuated without colouration. Their radio-frequency condenser principle also makes both microphones extremely weather-resistant, ensuring that they can cope even with climatically difficult conditions, such as extreme cold and moisture.


Appearing alongside them will be a further selection of Sennheiser products including the ME 66 short gun microphone and associated K6 powering module, MD 46 reporter’s microphone, MKH 416 short gun interference tube microphone, MKH 418, stereo shotgun microphone, the super-cardioid MKH 8050 and MKE 400 small shotgun microphone for cameras with a lighting shoe mount, evolution wireless, G3 100 series ENG Set, 2000 series and 3000 and 5000 series wireless systems, a selection of headphones including the HD 25, HMD 280, HMD 26 and HME 26.