SCRATCH Lab is Dailies Workflow Powerhouse

ASSIMILATE’s Software Enjoys Broad Adoption Across Feature Film, Episodic Television and Commercials Productions

Since its announcement at NAB 2011, ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH Lab® has taken the production dailies market by storm with its power, versatility and affordability.  The recent announcements of native support for the new Sony F65 CineAlta™ digital motion picture camera, and the breakthrough performance of 48 FPS playback of stereo RED EPIC streams, are just two examples of why Lab has gained favor so quickly on-set. SCRATCH Lab now delivers the most extensive support for production dailies. From RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA, Sony F65, Phantom and Panasonic P2, to the Canon EOS C300, 5D/7D, and even the GoPro, SCRATCH Lab continues to set the pace for the industry with support for virtually any combination of popular native formats in a single timeline.

Priced at only $4,995, SCRATCH Lab has established itself as the dailies workflow tool of choice for directors, DPs, DITs and video engineers because it offers the most compelling end-to-end dailies system in the industry. Lab combines the fastest and most creative review process, with effortless shot, metadata, LUT and look management, sophisticated audio sync, and wicked-fast background rendering- all into one intuitive, incredibly cost-effective tool.

Key advantages of Lab include:
• Support for more native camera formats than any other tool on the market
• Unrivalled shot, timecode and metadata management
• Powerful QC, LUT and look management 
• One-of-a-kind creative review tools 
• Wicked-fast, template-driven background rendering


“Our clients demand robust, efficient and cost effective ways to create deliverables from every type of native camera media you can imagine,” said Ryan Sheridan, CTO of Otto Nemenz, Hollywood, CA. “SCRATCH Lab is the most versatile workflow tool we’ve seen. We’ve made a significant investment in Lab because it delivers fast color-corrected dailies deliverables for our customers, regardless of the cameras they’re shooting. And the price allows us to deliver a cost-effective package for any type of production.”

"From Sony's new F65 CineAlta to the ARRI ALEXA, AbelCine’s clients come to us for the latest camera technologies on the market,” said Jonathan Epner, Director of Digital Media Services at AbelCine in New York.  “But the camera is only half the story. DPs and DITs also look to us to provide the best workflow tools available to process the images they shoot. SCRATCH Lab is our preferred offering because it delivers the power and versatility to handle the biggest productions, while the price makes it accessible to even the most budget-conscious projects. It’s no surprise that Lab has gained popularity so rapidly.”


Jody Neckles, DIT from London, UK comments, “My team and I have used SCRATCH Lab on loads of features, television dramas, and commercials over the last year. From rock-solid rendering to incredibly powerful review capability and look management, Lab delivers for me day in and day out. No matter what type of production, I know I can depend on Lab to deliver dailies on time and on budget. As it delivers such value for money, I’ve been able to buy multiple licenses for the price other vendors charge for just one. This gives me a huge advantage whenever I bid a project.”

SCRATCH Digital Workflow Tools
ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® and SCRATCH Lab deliver the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for data-centric digital cinema and broadcast productions for 2D and 3D stereo projects at up to 5K resolution and beyond. New 6.1 versions of SCRATCH software, running on Mac OS X and Windows 7, feature SDI output via AJA Kona 3G graphics cards, wicked-fast dailies rendering, improved metadata and timecode handling, and enhanced RED workflow support.